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242 votes

Does it violate academic social norm to email someone around midnight?

219 votes

I am an editor for a lousy paper and I found a better algorithm than theirs. Must I share it with them?

190 votes

I'm afraid of chemicals. How do I handle my required uni biology class?

189 votes

How to deal with arrogant e-mail of a student

177 votes

What good is engineering research with no practical relevance?

147 votes

Will declining a research award be problematic for me, or other people?

143 votes

What's the point of PhD theses if nobody reads them?

134 votes

I sent an angry e-mail to my interviewers about a conflict at my home institution. Could this affect my application?

132 votes

Giving a career talk in my old university, how prominently should I tell students my salary?

130 votes

How should I deal with very negative feedback from some students?

127 votes

How to deal with unnecessary stress introduced by the supervisor?

127 votes

What can I do when some people stole my master thesis work and published it as their own work?

118 votes

Why do Americans care so much about recommendation letters?

117 votes

Bombed an academic interview, should I do anything about it?

115 votes

I was pushed to submit a mediocre paper to a conference. To my surprise it was accepted. How to save face?

112 votes

Can I slack off and get a PhD?

111 votes

Can I use a section of my thesis to "soap-box" about a meta-issue regarding research?

106 votes

Rebuttal is limited to 500 words, but the reviewers asked almost 20 questions

104 votes

Is there any way to post my code on Code Review Stack Exchange and not be worried about plagiarism?

104 votes

Should I not hire someone who does not get along with me?

103 votes

How can I provide proof that my paper has been proofread by a native speaker?

97 votes

Why do Russian and Israeli universities score low in various world rankings?

87 votes

I know that there is a preselected candidate for a position to be filled at my department. What should I do?

86 votes

Why are some professors critical of even casual use of Wikipedia?

83 votes

Why did it become so much more expensive to start a university?

81 votes

Responding to an unambiguously wrong referee comment

80 votes

What is the point of listing 1000 authors for a single scientific paper?

77 votes

My supervisor wants to put someone else as first author on one of two papers when I have done most of the work on both. What should I do?

75 votes

Is the phrase "thanks, but no thanks" appropriate in an email sent to a supervisor?

74 votes

Impact of student suicide on PhD advisor’s tenure prospects

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