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Telling a former supervisor you don't want to publish

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Why does this site give different answers about leaving a bad situation compared to Workplace.SE?

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Is it a good practice for PhD students in STEM to have supervisors who have no expertise in the students' field?

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How do I voice my opinion that the teaching of students is being neglected?

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What to do with students requesting deadline extension due to the death of a relative (but without a doctor's note)?

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Is hastily writing down the professor's lecture a good way of learning?

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Efficient use of the class time when all lectures are already on Youtube

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Are mathematicians paid enough?

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How should I address racist comments from a superior?

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Interesting vs tractable PhD topics

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What should I do when a professor is teaching inaccurately?

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Professor agreed to sign a recommendation letter, but then ignored my emails

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How deeply should one understand other people's work before building on them?

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How do you become a referee for a math journal?