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Questions pertaining to academic resources found on the World Wide Web
192 questions
On the use of an individual's name in academia, including but not necessarily limited to publishing. Do not use this tag for questions related to academic vocabulary and phrases; use 'terminology' ins…
192 questions
For questions about cover letter attached to applications or curricula vitae for an academic position. This is not for cover letters for submissions to journals.
A first degree from a university or other academic institution for example 'bachelor of arts'
191 questions
Questions that relate to the academic rank of assistant professor.
"Survey" or "review" articles are academic publications that organize and summarize the current state of research on a given topic in a novel way that integrates and adds understanding to work in the …
188 questions
Conflict of interest exists when an author, reviewer, supervisor, or editor has financial or personal relationships that could inappropriately influence (bias) his or her actions (such relationships a…
186 questions
Questions regarding the academic projects including either thesis projects or other projects which may be done in the universities with support of academies and in collaboration with faculty members a…
186 questions
On measuring or improving workflow, organization, learning, memory, etc. in an academic context.
186 questions
Questions about a group of faculty members, professors and people working in industry that evaluate the thesis or project report of PhD/MSc candidates.
184 questions
For topics pertaining to writing a formal statement on one's proposed research, usually for the purpose of obtaining funding or acceptance into a faculty position. It is also frequently called a "rese…
180 questions
On the use of statistics in academic research. Statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing and drawing inference from data. Do not use this tag for questions about 'statistics' as a subdiscipli…
178 questions
Questions concerning work meant to be solved outside classroom time by a student, including questions about writing suitable homework assignments, grading, etc.
177 questions
On the administration or running of an academic department or organization, or the people associated with this role. [administration] is mainly concerned with overseeing regular operations, while [gov…
175 questions
On the academic rank of lecturer. In the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and other countries, lecturer is a tenured faculty position roughly equivalent to a Professor of the Pract…
170 questions
For questions about increasing the motivation of oneself and others to avoid procrastination, disinterest and failure.
167 questions
Questions that each member of academia may face during his academic careers, because of personal problems, and contradictions between academic life and personal life. These may include marriage, child…
166 questions
A system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity so as to achieve results.
164 questions
On suspected or actual distortion of the research and/or research publication process through dishonest or otherwise unethical behavior. Includes (but is not limited to) issues such as fabrication, fa…
164 questions
Questions relating to the defense of a thesis and the process surrounding it, such as the grading system of a thesis, who may come to a thesis defense, the duration of a thesis defense session, etc.
160 questions
Questions about formal rankings of universities, journals, conferences, or students (in a course or university) based on some quantitative metric(s). This is distinct from 'reputation' which may be me…
160 questions
For questions about publishers that are reputed to engage in unethical and/or dishonest practices.
160 questions
Questions about conference poster presentations. Poster presentations usually consist of affixing the research poster to a portable wall with the researcher in attendance to answer any questions.
159 questions
On standards or conventions specific to biology as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field
156 questions
Questions concerning monetary costs associated with higher education, publishing, or other academic activities, specifically those not formally considered [tuition] or not related to standard research…
148 questions
Questions about learning process in academia, lesson plans, learning problems, etc.
147 questions
Regarding inquiries into the evolution and development of academia as an institution from a historical perspective.
146 questions
Questions in relation to academia across international borders or in different regions globally.
146 questions
Questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on academic institutions, staff, students, and other stakeholders.
146 questions
On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in India, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.
144 questions
On starting a degree program at one university, then moving to another university to complete the degree.
144 questions
Questions about navigating submission or application deadlines
142 questions
Legal document authorising entry to, exit from, and/or employment within a country.
142 questions
Concerning the use of available working time to accomplish the greatest possible amount of work by improving efficiency, minimizing wasted time or procrastination, etc.
141 questions
On the method of instruction known as "lecturing." Usually the lecturer will stand at the front of the room and recite information relevant to the lecture's content.
139 questions
Questions regarding the legal ownership of information and intellectual output.
138 questions
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