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Question about academic salary. A salary is a fixed regular payment made by an employer to an employee.
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Queries related to various software used in academia. Questions shall not address highly technical aspects of the software but shall address features/issues highly relevant to academia. For questi…
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Queries pertaining to the process of determining suitable grades for coursework. This tag is NOT appropriate for queries about interpreting or improving grades.
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Questions concerning the use of graduate students as course instructors, usually under the supervision of a faculty member.
303 questions
Questions concerning computer code written or used in the context of a research project or other academic endeavour (including questions on licensing, ownership, sharing, distribution, and formatting …
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Questions on rejecting or being rejected, as relates to a manuscript, graduate school application, dissertation, or other academic endeavor.
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Concerning how to format content in academic writing.
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On changing from one discipline, sub-discipline, or department to another during one's education, or mid-career.
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On words that have a meaning, usage, or similar specific to academia.
282 questions
On the open-access publishing model, in which journal articles or other academic works are made available to readers free of charge.
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Questions regarding making manuscripts available prior to their publication in a peer-reviewed source.
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Questions concerning publication over the internet, including online preprint services, electronic journals, white papers, etc.
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Questions in relation to students who are non-national to the country or location of academic institution they may be studying in.
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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publishes around 30% of the world literature in the electrical and electronics engineering and computer science fields.
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For questions about whether a piece of work is sufficient in significance, novelty, credibility, or scope to be publishable in an academic journal or conference.
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A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.
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Bibliometrics is a set of methods to quantitatively analyze scientific and technological literature.
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On errors found after submission or publication in a book, paper, thesis, or other document, and erratum (written notice of errors and corrections) for them.
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Questions about evaluating the current state of research on a topic by searching published material.
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Self-plagiarism is the unethical reuse or republication of one's own work.
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On acknowledging an individual, agency, or institution that contributed funding, criticism, encouragement, or other support to a thesis or manuscript.
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On the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test, a standardized exam that is required for admissions to many graduate schools in the United States.
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Questions about leaving an academic position. This could apply to quitting an educational program, such as a doctoral program, or quitting a faculty position.
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On emotional issues such as guilt, discouragement, jealousy, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy affecting academics and researchers.
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Questions concerning the language (e.g., English, French, German, Chinese) of academic publications, presentations, transcripts, or other documents. For questions on style, use 'writing-style' instead…
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On the Grade Point Average (GPA), a numerical measure of a student's performance over a semester or career. This tag may apply to questions on calculating the GPA, or on the impact of GPA on graduate …
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Regarding the appropriate titles or post-nominal letters to use, given an individual's academic status.
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General questions on higher education.
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[journal-workflow] concerns the workflow within journals after submission of a manuscript until its acceptance or rejection. Please click on “info” before asking a question.
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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Canada, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.
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Questions about finding specific papers, books, etc. pertaining to a topic. This includes the use of online databases such as Google Scholar or PubMed to find relevant articles.
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An affiliation is a contractual connection between an academic institution an a student or an employee.
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for questions on academia specifically applicable to students, researchers, and faculty in scientific disciplines.
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Questions relating to websites. A website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more web pages.
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Questions related to taking courses over the internet or other electronic distance-based coursework.
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Conflict of interest exists when an author, reviewer, supervisor, or editor has financial or personal relationships that could inappropriately influence (bias) his or her actions (such relationships a…
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