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How to react to a student proselytising during office hours?

You address this by stating directly "I would prefer not to discuss this topic during office hours. Can I help you with any questions you have on the homework?" If the issue persists, I would ...
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Identical projects by students at two different colleges: still plagiarism?

The fact of being at different/same colleges or different/same universities has zero bearing on whether it is considered plagiarism or not. If you submit a project that includes someone else's work, ...
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Should I cheat if the majority does it?

I don't want to report them, I probably don't have the guts to do it, especially because it's such a socially accepted practice. A "Snitches get stitches" mentality will not solve your problem. ...
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I received an allegation of academic misconduct from my university. What should I do?

In a comment, you write that the professor had written in an email regarding the exam: you will not have enough time to finish the exam if you spend a lot of time looking through your notes This ...
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I found an error in my exam that caused me to lose time on other questions, resulting in a lower grade. How can I appeal?

How could I tell him to upgrade my grade and explain to him that I really deserve it and that I really need to have (19/20) so I can pass my semester? Don't tell him how to fix the error, and don't ...
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Is there a way to stop students using AI to generate essays?

AI tools such as Chat GPT are really helpful for language learners, in that they can quite reliably pick up grammatical errors and other problems, and (albeit with somewhat less accuracy) can even ...
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Do universities maintain secret textbooks?

I have never heard of a textbook being "secret" in the sense that it was being kept intentionally hidden to give students of one organization an advantage. I have often, however, encountered draft ...
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How can I deal with students that are too sensitive when they are wrong? Particularly when they answer simple questions incorrectly during class?

Like others here have indicated, you can reframe the questions to avoid this, but there's another aspect to consider. It can be really hard to foster an environment where people aren't afraid to speak ...
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Pronouns of professors in Statement of Purpose

What I have learned from conversations with people who use less common pronouns (typically they/them) is that there is no expectation for perfection or magical divination of pronouns. There's no ...
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I unknowingly submitted plagiarised work

When the instructor said you could work "together", they meant together with a student that hadn't previously completed the assignment. They expect both students (when working together) to contribute ...
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Why did it become so much more expensive to start a university?

Besides all the factors that the other answer already lists, the elephant in the room is that KAUST has explicitly been designed to be a world-class university (rather than organically growing into ...
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Why are exercises in US university classes graded?

Exercises are graded because if they were not graded, many students would not do them. You are quite correct however in perceiving that this is bad. It creates an unhealthy confusion between formative ...
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Is it acceptable to hide your affiliation in research paper?

You're trying to solve the wrong problem: either your work is a decent contribution and then it's worth publishing with your affiliation, or it's not and then it shouldn't be published at all (and ...
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3 3-hour exams in a row with no time in between. What can I do?

Whether this is a standard practice or not highly depends on your university. However, the attribution of these exam period is an automated process and some situations like yours are bound to happen. ...
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"Upgrading" PhD

To make a good PhD degree, you do not have to be in the top 100 universities in the world. The high tier journals accepts papers and acknowledges valuable research contributions from all over the ...
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How to by-pass bioethics for a trivial bio-experiment?

First, I'll assume that you don't and can't bypass the statement. The journal isn't going to go along with that. Second, while this may be an edge case, the line needs to be drawn somewhere and it ...
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How to react to a student proselytising during office hours?

and was visibly disappointed when I replied negatively This is their problem, not yours. How should I react to a question such as this? If you feel uncomfortable defending your position when it ...
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Is my thesis title academically and technically correct starting with the words 'Study the'?

I'd say your thesis title as written contains a grammatical error. If your institution considers repair of a grammatical error to be "changing a topic", that's a ridiculous policy but not ...
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I received an allegation of academic misconduct from my university. What should I do?

Explain what you did and your study process. If you have notes from your study they will help. Insist, insist, that you did no wrong. That is about all you can do. If you are punished for having ...
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Am I making a mistake by going to a "mid-tier" program?

Reality check: First, "mid tier" schools by a reasonable definition are very good. And most of them have faculty that are there for reasons other than they can't be at a "top tier" ...
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Why do you need to study a subject at a university level to teach it at a high school?

History and experience shows that those who do not have advanced training in, e.g., mathematics, and try to teach or write about it, give presentations that are somewhere between hilariously and ...
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Question to professor one week before an exam (as a mathematician)

Yes, it is appropriate to ask the professor a question one week before the exam. Professors and other university teachers are very well aware that students often defer exam preparation until a few ...
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A potentially trans student is misgendered in university records. What should I do?

If you must do something (an assumption I would encourage you to question), then probably the best way to help the student avoid uncomfortable situations, without actually putting them in exactly the ...
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Should I cheat if the majority does it?

If I were you and my primary concern was the PhD application (but also not being bugged for the rest of my life if I cheat), I'd ask myself the following questions: How limited is the number of ...
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Why do most US regional colleges/universities/institutions have poor reputations in academic circles?

My perspective is that of a mathematician who went to an elite small liberal arts college (SLAC) as an undergraduate and taught as a graduate student and in temporary positions at an R1 and an elite ...
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What do "minor" and "major" mean (in relation to degrees)?

In the US, your "major" is the thing you have your bachelor's degree in. "I have a BS in Biology" means the same as "I majored in Biology." Everyone "majors in" ...
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How does one appropriately navigate the situation of having a lot of prior knowledge before applying to university + courses not on main interests?

I think part of the problem at hand is that your perspective is a bit idiosyncratic. This is obviously not your fault, since it's very difficult to get a clear picture of higher mathematics if your ...
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Doing research in academia and not liking competition

Actually, the competition is largely in your head, not in academia itself. I'll never be able to win a stage of le Tour de France, so why should I ride a bicycle? I'll never win the final at ...
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