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Academic advisor asks me to rewrite text (too?) many times

I had a similar style advisor for my postdoc. It was a mega group and he was a world leader, but he took meticulous care with any written document coming out of his lab. At the time, I thought it was ...
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Academic advisor asks me to rewrite text (too?) many times

First of, we are just random people on the internet. If we say no and your advisor says yes, then you'll have to do yes. So how do you deal with it? You just do what your advisor says, you discuss ...
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Why such apathy towards double-counting of courses?

Some double major programs will have credit hour requirements in addition to specific course requirements. This gives the student the opportunity (forced) to explore other subjects, enhancing the ...
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Is there a way to stop students using AI to generate essays?

Don't stop students using AI, stop students from diminishing their own learning I say this because you haven't actually said what exactly the issue is- the language is flawless but feels less human? ...
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