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For 2, Vegetarian is quite common in Taiwan since there are significant Buddhism population (around 10% ?) there. You should able to find a greater variety of budget choices with a little effort.


I know there are many international PhD students there. I think you need not to worry about English use in the classrooms. However, you will need to learn Chinese to some extent in order to live in Taiwan. Not knowing the local language would cause you a lot trouble. There are quite a few vegetarian food only restaurants available in Taipei. But, they are ...


If the basic degree is still Physics with a bit of astro tacked on I don't see the problem. Even pure Astrophysics degrees usually follow all the core physics classes before specialising. For example, my Astrophysics degree is probably about 75% identical to my pure Physics counterparts, so as long as students make potential employers aware of this, they ...

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