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Writing a recommendation letter for a student I reported for academic dishonesty

The best option is: Don't write the letter. In a case like this, I would outright refuse to provide a recommendation. However, if you are not comfortable with a non-negotiable refusal, you might ...
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Difficult student would dispute every grade in the course and now wants letter of recommendation

It sounds like you've agreed to write a letter so I think you are committed unless the student releases you from your commitment. (Personally, I'd have said no in the first place and explained if ...
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Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal?

The benefit of recommendation letters is that they give insight into abilities that are not reflected in the rest of your application. Your grades and your publication are already in your application. ...
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A student who asked me to write a rec letter seems to have committed academic dishonesty in my class, what do I do?

You agreed to write this letter, and it is due tomorrow (!). Reneging on your promise would effectively torpedo the student's applications, as they are very unlikely to find another recommender on one ...
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Retract an already submitted recommendation letter (written for an undergrad student)

I think you should do nothing. (Nothing with respect to the letter, that is. You may of course want to consider intervening with the student as you would with any other student whose performance ...
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Why do Americans care so much about recommendation letters?

I think Bryan's answer gives a nice perspective on the issue. A perfect system does not exist, and different continents have developed different (imperfect) ways of dealing with the fundamental ...
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Should I write that a student is a feminist in my recommendation letter?

First of all, your title doesn't quite match the rest of your question. In your suggested quote you write "she is very interested in advancing women and other minorities in the STEM field," whereas ...
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Should I get a letter of recommendation from my mother, who is a famous researcher in my field?

I would say no, this is a very very bad idea. Your mother going on about how likely you are to succeed will probably not carry much weight. What else would your mother say? If you were unlikely to be ...
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Professor refuses to write a recommendation letter to students who haven't written a research paper with him

I wanted to ask whether his refusal for recommendation letters is reasonable My personal opinion is that if you worked in his lab for a year (satisfactorily), it is unreasonable to refuse a letter. ...
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Asking my Professor to create a Google Account to submit a Letter of Recommendation for me

My best guess, and just a guess, is that he was frustrated with the system that was required, rather than with you. It is probably a mistake for any admissions system to require an email address from ...
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Emailing a professor for points on an exam when you want a recommendation from the professor

Let it go. You discussed this before, he made his arguments and it is unlikely that he will change his mind. It isn't only up to you to make a good argument for the points, but the professor himself ...
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Would a professor write a bad letter of recommendation?

I would read these responses as: "I am happy to write you a letter of recommendation, I am busy, and just want know where to send my letter". As a professor, I get literally hundreds of emails ...
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Why should a P.I be motivated to write a strong LOR even if that means losing a undergraduate from his/her lab?

When I am evaluating a research group leader, one of the most important things I examine is where their former students work. If their former undergraduates have moved to PhD programs at excellent ...
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How to avoid writing a 'good but not great' reference letter

Here's a possible strategy. Acknowledge the potential difficulty recommending across cultures - something like Rereading my letter, I am concerned that I have used too few superlatives describing [...
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Reconnecting with a previous professor then asking right away for a reference letter

You are not “reconnecting”. You are emailing someone to ask for a letter of reference. This is normal and expected. It’s not guaranteed that they’ll say yes, but no one will think any less of you for ...
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Writing a recommendation letter for a student I reported for academic dishonesty

TL; DR: The student probably wants you to write a letter to mitigate the harm of the incident because they already expect admissions committees to know about it. In that case, mention it briefly and ...
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After admission, should I thank a recommender who I suspect wrote a bad letter?

Yes, you should thank and inform your letter writer, and no, you shouldn't worry about some bizarre and unrealistic "re-evaluation" of your admission. Comments: It is very unlikely that your writer ...
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Is it ethical to use a recommendation letter from a deceased professor?

If I cared enough about a person to write a letter of recommendation, I would be pleased to think that one day after I am gone that the person could use my letter for their benefit. You will possibly ...
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How to deal with abusive professor?

I am sorry for your experience. Regarding the naming issue, I think that it is alright and no one will comment about it. You do not have to email that person again. Regarding the publication, You ...
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Difficult student would dispute every grade in the course and now wants letter of recommendation

Is there perhaps a cultural element to this situation? I was once in the reverse situation: I was studying mathematics at an Australian university, but my professor was Russian. He marked all ...
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Writing letter of recommendation for someone I have never met

You shouldn't write a letter of recommendation for someone you have spoken to once, and you certainly shouldn't write a letter of recommendation for a friend of some you have spoken to once. You ...
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Is it ethical to use a recommendation letter from a deceased professor?

I attach letters of recommendation from Dr W and the late Professor X. Perfectly reasonable. The point is, it's courteous to refer to the deceased as the late Professor X to prevent confusion or ...
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Gofer work in exchange for Letter of Recommendation

It’s appropriate to ask for a letter, but completely inappropriate to offer a thing of value in exchange. Professors are already paid to do their job, which includes writing letters of recommendation, ...
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Reference letter without permission

As the student’s supervisor, it is your duty not to “help him get the job” but rather to act in a supervisory role, and that includes giving your honest opinion about the student to anyone he requests ...
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What do I do if I cannot give a good reference to my PhD student?

A student who did the minimum during their PhD has very little chance of getting a prestigious fellowship. In the sciences, you must have publications to get prestigious fellowships; a student who ...
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Writing a letter of recommendation for a mediocre student

Before you write the letter, discuss this with the student, and be blunt about it. Most likely the student needs a letter for something and this is the best they've got. One thing is to turn this in ...
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Is there a reasonable explanation for why my professor submitted my recommendation letter months early?

The busy professor wants to get it off their plate ASAP, so they don't waste brain-cycles needing to remember it, see it on a to-do list, or potentially miss the deadline. There's nothing to worry ...
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Why do Americans care so much about recommendation letters?

Do you have any actual data to support your assertions like these?: it matters less who you are and what you can actually do, but more how many professors you are able to suck up to. Reference ...
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Should I take a "positive, but not enthusiastically strong" letter of recommendation?

a professor that I spoke to said that he could write a "positive, but not enthusiastically strong" recommendation This sounds like a polite way to tell you to ask somebody else.
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Is it inappropriate to contact my Master’s supervisor on Facebook or Instagram for a reference while she’s on maternity leave?

This is from an American perspective, not a British one, but absolutely do not message her on Facebook or Instagram! Especially if you have not been in touch for two years. I would never consider ...
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