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A published paper stole my unpublished results from a science fair

The other answers don't seem to be taking into account that the OP is a 13-year-old junior high school student whose work was presented in a school science fair. I think that treating the OP as a "...
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If I receive written permission to use content from a paper without citing, is it plagiarism?

It doesn't really matter that the author gave you "unrestricted rights to use any portion of their article" without the need of citing it. We, the readers, want to know that you're using it. ...
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Two-thirds of my class colluded. Should I report them to the academic offences committee?

In our school, we are expected to flag cases of suspected plagiarism and collusion to an internal academic offences committee. There's your answer. It's your job to report the offense.
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Identical projects by students at two different colleges: still plagiarism?

The fact of being at different/same colleges or different/same universities has zero bearing on whether it is considered plagiarism or not. If you submit a project that includes someone else's work, ...
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A published paper stole my unpublished results from a science fair

Your story describes an example of plagiarism — someone is passing your work as their own. This is serious academic dishonesty. I recommend you contact the editors of the journal and explain the ...
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If I receive written permission to use content from a paper without citing, is it plagiarism?

Yes, it is plagiarism. The permission is irrelevant. Consider this simplified but actually equivalent example: if your neighbor allows you to copy her answers in a written exam, is that not cheating ...
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How can I convince graduate students in China to not copy/paste from the Internet into their research papers?

OK, it's getting weird now. I thought this would be much less common in top 10s. There's a simple path here: tell them plagiarized papers are not going to get published, or will be retracted in the ...
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I have been accused of plagiarism for similarities between my presentation and a website that I used as a source and cited. What should I do?

I agree that this seems at most to be a borderline case on its face, and 10% is not an unusual percentage similarity for non-plagiarized work. However, there are some things counting against you: ...
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What can I do when some people stole my master thesis work and published it as their own work?

I have this one paper that has already gotten copied and submitted to some spam journals 5+ times. It literally happens multiple times per year (it has a catchy title that seems to appeal to a certain ...
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Why is plagiarising words such a big deal?

Per your example, you are not, in fact, "forced to waste time" finding another way to express the idea that another author had. You can just copy the passage down verbatim, but to do so without ...
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Dismissed from PhD due to disability-related misconduct: how to answer question about dismissal?

It's not easy to understand how a mental health issue can lead to plagiarism, and it's less clear still how a medical practitioner could reach the conclusion that a specific instance of plagiarism was ...
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Two-thirds of my class colluded. Should I report them to the academic offences committee?

You should. Dura lex sed lex. Not reporting it sends the message that plagiarism is OK if enough people do it. The grim consequences you envisage (like departmental disapproval) might not come to pass ...
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Whether to report someone receiving extraordinary levels of help for PhD

Getting help is in and of itself not a problem. Proof reading is perfectly fine. Discussing research with others is very much a part of doing research, so having a sparring partner is a good thing. ...
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How can I improve my paper with mostly original contents and only two references?

Citations aren't just about avoiding plagiarism. They are more about embedding your work into a scientific context. Every paper should explain in an introduction section why this work is relevant, ...
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Dismissed from PhD due to disability-related misconduct: how to answer question about dismissal?

You can't really hide the fact that you were dismissed for plagiarism. If you do, and it comes to light later, that can be sufficient grounds to have your admission revoked (or to be expelled). If ...
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Should I continue reviewing a paper after having discovered plagiarised content in it?

Don't bother with more analysis, there is no point, since the paper should be withdrawn or rejected because of the plagiarism (if it isn't decline further review for this journal). Write a brief ...
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Is there any way to post my code on Code Review Stack Exchange and not be worried about plagiarism?

In addition to all the good answers you received so far, I should also point out that in general people's fear of being unethically scooped is vastly exaggerated. I would imagine that there really isn'...
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I violated academic integrity unknowingly by sharing assignment resources with fellow student. What should I do?

You are overthinking this. I don't want to make light of academic integrity, but given the cheating that does happen all the time, this is a very minor offense. We all make mistakes, and what you ...
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An undergraduate said they may hire a freelancer to do their work for them. What should I do?

[The student] remarked (in writing) that they might as well just buy solutions to their projects on a particular freelancing website for that price, as their friends do. That does not sound to me ...
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Plagiarism or just cheating?

It is neither plagiarism nor cheating. Plagiarism means presenting another person's intellectual contributions as your own. If sentence is in quotation marks and followed by [37], it is clearly not ...
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How to handle plagiarism on method that does not affect outcome results when reviewing a paper?

There is no such thing as unimportant plagiarism. And three to four stolen paragraphs is not small. You did the right thing to report it to the editor. But I also would have rejected the paper. ...
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Is it plagiarism if someone else came up with something before you did?

If you publish an idea that turns out to have been previously known, but you were unaware of the prior work before you published it, then it's not plagiarism. Depending on the circumstances, it could ...
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Is it considered plagiarism when you modify your professor's proof when solving a problem in a homework assignment?

No, this bears no resemblance whatsoever to the concept of plagiarism. The goal of homework is to get you to review what you learned in class and demonstrate that you can apply it. That is exactly ...
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Is there a way to stop students using AI to generate essays?

AI tools such as Chat GPT are really helpful for language learners, in that they can quite reliably pick up grammatical errors and other problems, and (albeit with somewhat less accuracy) can even ...
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Is it okay to typeset someone’s to-be-graded assignment for them?

I think that the best favour you can do to your friend is to teach him how to use LaTeX, so that he can improve the look of his work by himself. In this way, you won't go against any rule and you'll ...
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Does having an article retracted due to professor's ethical misconduct mean my career is over?

If I understand your description, there is no finding of academic misconduct against you. You have co-authorship of a retracted article, where the problem appears to have been caused by the ...
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Is it ethical to refuse enrollment of a previously dishonest student if you are the sole instructor for a required course?

It's not up to you It's reasonable for an instructor and syllabus to specify what happens in that course in certain circumstances. However, going beyond your particular course (including future ...
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Should I prepare new homework exercises each year, 20% of the final grade is homework?

The main dilemma is that the homework is part of the grades, therefore you should prepare a new one each semester. I solved this for my programming course in a radical way (after struggling with a ...
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Is it okay to work on colleagues' ideas after they leave academia?

Is it okay to work on colleagues' ideas after they leave academia? I'm going to be blunt: yes, absolutely yes. What is the other option? That the progress of humanity should be stifled because you ...
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Is uncredited use of grad students' unpublished research by professors accepted/common practice in academia?

No, this not accepted and/or common practice in academia. (Your use of the plagiarism tag was correct.) It is of course unethical and not right to copy other's work and not mention them.
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