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Should I copyright my figures in my report?

In the US, the copyright symbol adds no legal protection whatsoever to a copyrighted work, it simply serves as a notice to others that you hold the copyright and do not want others to infringe upon it....
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High similarity index on turntin

I don't see how any of us can say. Maybe you stole it from a student at a Texas university. Maybe they stole it from you. Maybe a glitch. Maybe the conference will use a plagiarism checker like the ...
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What is considered plagiarism when writing a literature review paper

Plagiarism is the act of taking somebody else's ideas and passing them off as your own. An exact sequence of words is an idea. But the exact sequence of words is not the only idea contained in text. ...
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Should I copyright my figures in my report?

You can do that, of course, but most places these days it isn't necessary. Creative things published by an individual (or group) are automatically copyrighted in much of the world due to international ...
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After a plagiarism complaint, the journal is slow to respond and not taking any action. What should be done?

Plagiarism may be copyright infringement (not always, but if I take your material unchanged without your permission then it is). If that is the case and it is in the USA then you can send a DMCA ...
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