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How are plagiarism cases, within the same institution, typically resolved, in the US?

Plagiarism is an academic ethics concept. For a legal perspective, you might be better of checking a Q&A on Law Stack Exchange. Procedures for accusations against a faculty member would likely ...
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How to go about an unclear academic misconduct

You would benefit from splitting your post into paragraphs Like others have said, you let him copy your work which is explicitly against the rules of "no copying answers" so there really ...
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Citations in Open Source Code

Suppose IntelliSense isn't working and an author must look up the C# TotalMinutes function on Microsoft Docs or the Java FileReader object in Oracle Docs. Think about it this way, if IntelliSense was ...
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Can I still publish a paper on peer reviewed journals several years after publishing it on ArXiv?

You always want to put your best work out into the open. If your work is right now not of sufficient quality (as can only be judged by yourself) to be read and evaluated by peer reviewers, then one ...
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How do I save my group project and my mark?

Talk to a teaching assistant or the lecturer, and explain the situation to them. Make sure to include that you are worried about your group mates giving you a punitive mark on the peer review, and ...
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How to Address Unprocessable PDF Submissions in SafeAssign for Plagiarism Checks?

The answer by @Jon Custer pretty much listed out the reason as for why this happens. The TLDR from the FAQ is basically: The PDF are pages of images of texts, instead of pages of texts, and SafeAssign ...
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Is it legitimate to upload educational youtube video that is based on my professors book?

Why don't you check with the professor to see what they think of the idea? Maybe they like it and will even use it in class - or maybe there are some issues that you should be aware of (it sounds like ...
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