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Questions about the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, including requirements such as dissertations and university programs leading to a Ph.D.

Questions Appropriate For This Tag:

  • Questions about the process of applying, graduating and everything in between for Ph.D. programs in the United States and other countries.
  • Questions about publishing as a Ph.D. student including dissertation requirements.
  • Questions about funding and grants specific to Ph.D. and postdoc researchers.
  • Questions about careers and career paths with a Ph.D. as one of the major requirements (postdoc researcher, tenure-track professor).

Subject Matter of Questions tagged:

On Wikipedia, we read about the term doctor of philosophy:

Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as PhD, Ph.D., D.Phil., or DPhil in English-speaking countries and originally as Dr.Philos. (for the Latin philosophiae doctor or doctor philosophiae), is in many countries a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. The academic level known as a Doctorate of philosophy varies considerably according to the country, institution, and time period, from entry-level research degrees to higher doctorates. A person who attains a doctorate of philosophy is automatically awarded the academic title of doctor.