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Colleague Plagiarizes Entire Course Content

Talk to your colleague. Not doing anything is ethically dubious, while talking to a superior escalates the issue. Besides, broadly speaking, when there's a dispute it's preferable to first talk to the ...
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Colleague Plagiarizes Entire Course Content

A good strategy to address your concerns without risking offense might be to take the collaborative angle, since you are both working together on the same course. Instead of directly expressing your ...
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It is rude to offer a teacher the study guide you made for their class?

Tell them that you've made such a thing and would be happy to share it and their feedback on it would be appreciated. See what develops from that. Perhaps they would like to share it with others, or ...
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Colleague Plagiarizes Entire Course Content

Disclaimer: I was a graduate teaching assistant and now work in government, so my thoughts may not reflect your reality. I studied Organizational Economics and business and psychology before that; I'm ...
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Colleague Plagiarizes Entire Course Content

I do not like confrontations, and they may very well reply with "mind my own business". I may also to be labeled as "that guy". Your university may have (and probably has) an ...
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Colleague Plagiarizes Entire Course Content

First, I think you are rightfully bothered at academic material not being referenced, as it is not proper practice, but you should also give your colleague the benefit of the doubt; maybe she ignores ...
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Reference "private" lecture notes available for members of a different university

You mention that these materials are lecture notes. Lecture notes are not typically original, novel research, and generally cover what is considered to be common knowledge in the field. So, my ...
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To provide lecture notes or not?

Your explanation sounds like what we used to do in the old chalk-board days and develop the lecture's key ideas in real time by writing them on the board. Modern slide shows with prepared slides is ...
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