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Questions tagged [lab-meeting]

Concerning the frequent, routine meeting of all members of a particular research group to discuss work, common problems, etc., including how to organize and participate in these meetings.

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5 answers

How to say politely not to doze off during progress meeting?

In my PhD, I have two supervisors who I meet every week. One of them knows my topic very well from one perspective, but usually not too involved with the mathematical design or methodology. The other ...
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How to make online lab meetings interesting?

I am a postdoc in charge of handling our lab meetings. We have two lab meetings per month. One is in person. I book a classroom and we buy some snacks, coffee and such. We usually have one or two ...
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Jealousy with my Labmate

I am a second-year PhD student in an American university. I am having an issue with relationships in my lab. Right now I am very jealous of another student in my lab, and I start to hold grudges ...
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Is it bad etiquette to knock on a potential supervisor's door if he hasn't responded to my email?

I'm a Master's student at Cambridge, and I emailed a potential supervisor for PhD a while ago. He replied that he was interested to proceed further and asked about my funding details. I informed him ...
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How to handle meeting schedules with many supervisors?

I am a third year PhD student co-supervised by supervisors A and B. I am starting a visiting researcher exchange in another university for three months, where I will be supervised by C. I agreed with ...
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What does a professor aim at when talking about communication?

I am a PhD student at a good university in the US. I am good at my work and do my assigned tasks well. But this is the second time I heard from the second professor that I should communicate more with ...
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Is being shy a sufficient reason to avoid in-person meetings? [closed]

Suppose, hypothetically there is a group project. We can either meet in person or online. The choice is not democratic though because according to the university guidelines, everybody must agree on ...
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How to deal with toxic postdoc and have independent projects?

It has been three months since I joined as a postdoc. This is my first post doc position. I work along with another postdoc to set up pipelines for lab projects. This postdoc that I working along has ...
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It has been 5 months since my postdoc appointment in a project and I have still not started my work. How can I tell this to my advisor?

I have been working as a postdoc with my PhD advisor since June 202O. Since March 2021, my funding comes from an industrial project X that is very new to me. I never worked with the simulation ...
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How can regular group/lab meetings promote a culture of learning?

We are a small group of researchers and we meet 6 times a year as a whole group. During these meetings, lab members talk about the current status of their projects. However, from my point of view, ...
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2 answers

Meeting PhD advisor during first year (coursework year)

I'm starting my Ph.D. this year. My first 2 years will only be coursework. So, I won't be able to do any serious independent research. My research will only be in the context of what's required for ...
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Accepted behaviour while working in international collaborations

How is getting-job-done outlook perceived in different parts of the academic world? In some parts of physics, I know a person who goes forward and suggests times and dates for meeting up for the ...
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10 votes
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Should I ask my advisor to please pretend that he is happy with me until the end of my contract?

I am a post-doc in the UK. Today, In online lab meeting, my boss said that the name of my two postdocs are in two different grants and our technician is in both but he did not take me into account as ...
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2 answers

How to get through with an unsupporting supervisor?

My supervisor does not have time to neither read my report nor give me feedback. The topic I am working on is totally new and my supervisor does not know about that. There is another guy in my group ...
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How does academics form discussion & study environments efficiency and effectively?

As a student, I often read & hear academics meeting in workshops to discuss problems in their fields with their colleagues, or with academics in other field etc.. As a Physics & Mathematics ...
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Is it okay that I don't meet my project supervisor until I can reach a certain subgoal of a long project?

I am doing a project in my university under supervision of a professor. This project constitutes many subgoals. My supervisor told me to meet with him to discuss about the project. But I couldn't ...
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First time being in an applied math lab - what are some tips to overcome shyness?

This will be my first semester in an applied math lab. After spending a couple of years taking all theoretical math courses, essentially working in isolation the entire time, and finishing a thesis, ...
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In an international collaboration, what can be used for a shared meetings log or electronic labbook?

I started to have more and more international collaborations recently resulting in more and more (video conference) meetings. While in some meetings, there is one guys summing up the result of the ...
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What should I do if the lab I am studying at uses a language that I do not understand?

The lab I am studying at is using a language which I completely do not understand at the current time. Almost all of the discussions and presentations are in this language. Sometimes the lab members ...
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What is a "splinter meeting"? [closed]

Like this one link. It seems nobody describes it in detail.
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2 answers

Research supervisor is easily distracted in meetings with me [closed]

I don't think my research professor takes me seriously. I have noticed that in several of my meetings with my PI, he gets distracted very easily. Now I know of people my age who get distracted (in ...
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3 answers

How do I help minimize interruptions during group meetings as a student?

The project I work on has numerous members -- several graduate students, a couple of postdocs, and my advisor. We meet every other week to discuss progress and update one another on our status. Almost ...
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Group members want to work using virtual meeting (google hangouts) but we already have bad group dynamics

I am in the first semester of my masters degree in a professional field. I have been assigned to a group with a (fake) political stance. Every week of the semester we are expected to make ...
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Is 8:00 AM an unreasonable time to meet with my graduate students and post-doc?

I am a recently graduated PhD, but for the past few years I have been on an 8:00-16:30 schedule with a lunch break at noon. I arrive between 7:45-8:00 and get started immediately. Now I am on as a ...
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How do I tell my adviser that group meetings may be too time-consuming in my last year of my PhD?

I am finishing up my PhD this year and my adviser has recently recruited two new PhDs to our research group. I am the adviser's first student. Up until this year, we have had consistent individual ...
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Lab-meetings: How to establish a good setting?

I will finish my PhD soon. Until now I worked mostly on my own but tried to talk with my colleagues on a regular basis about methods, approaches, troubles and success. Good settings are coffee breaks ...
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How to keep one's focus during discussions, meetings and lectures

I noticed that I have more and more serious problems keeping focused, and despite my efforts to fix it the problem is just getting worse over time. When I'm in a research-related discussion with ...
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How to tell supervisor too many lengthy meetings are hurting your productivity?

My supervisor wants us to meet 3-5 times in a week with another PhD student of his. Every meeting is on average more than couple of hours. I don't know about the other student. But I feel like we are ...
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How to conduct an effective regular group meeting?

My research group has regular group meeting but I usually think it is not effective. In particular the research area of the group is very diverse, every time I just listen on something I cannot ...
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how to present a talk on work in preparation

I guess this is very common, to do a presentation to your lab. I wonder how I can cite in my slides that the presented work will be part of a future paper. I remember to see in past presentations a ...
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Is "working from home" a bad thing in academia?

Is it a bad thing in academia if a student works from home? Missing department talks and seminars is obviously bad, but in case a student is pursuing a problem alone and he feels comfortable ...
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How to format for a useful journal club?

I've been attending my lab's journal club for a while, and I'm wondering whether there are better ways out there of conducting a journal club. To make the question more generic, our club seems to have ...
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