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Do PhD degrees in Germany require government accreditation?

In general, education is federally organized in Germany and thus many decisions, laws and regulations are only valid for single Bundesländer (federal states). Although there are general rules and ...
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Are German university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) Bachelor degrees recognized in US UK NZ or Australia?

We use scoring tables for scholarships. The problem in Australia is that you will not receive extra 'prestigious university' points when applying for a PhD scholarship. [obvs I am at a university ...
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Can I do a phd in germany after an Online master's degree in the uk?

This will probably depend hugely on just what university you are doing your master's at. In any case, whether a given foreign degree is accepted as a prerequisite for a Ph.D. or other program is up to ...
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Quitting software engineering job to accept professor's assistant position

I would suggest first to think what would you like to do after the professor's assistant position, and if you see yourself working in industry instead of academia in the future. If you would really ...
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Can Postdocs in Germany Have Second Job?

I have a few more insights, not because I am a post-doc, but because I was in the unsuspecting need to have a second job while I was starting an academic position, therefore working 50% / 50%. I ...
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"Password" on Job Application as a Part of the Address

It sounds like they have a system where they have a code for each open position and to make it easier for them people who apply should refer to that number so the applications can be easily sorted ...
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Can Postdocs in Germany Have Second Job?

Sursula already well covered the legal aspects, so just some comments on the 'is it welcomed?' part of the question. I would say the general answer in Germany is mostly no. First a single postdoc ...
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Can Postdocs in Germany Have Second Job?

You are not allowed to work more than 48h per week and not more than 10h/day in Germany. With most full positions being around 40h/week, that leaves you about 8h/week for a side job. You have to ...
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GRE mathematics subject test

I can't give an answer as to whether you should include it, but note two things. First 480 is quite a low score, only the 10th percentile. But, OTOH, the math test is quite difficult, even for those ...
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