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It could be that unforeseen circumstances have prevented a timely decision. However, most likely you are not their first choice but they don't send out rejections before their first choice has signed the contract. That's pretty standard. Something similar happened to me in the past. Three months later they called me and asked if I would still be interested. ...


Social and reputational factors play a big role here. If a student gets away with significant plagiarism and is later found out, that does not cast a favorable light on the original assessment of the thesis--specifically, the role of the advisor, who should oversee the thesis writing process and ensure that the submitted thesis adheres to the methodological ...


I certainly won't and can't speak for all cases, but it is still true that a doctoral student is a student and is in a learning situation. Therefore, some universities will treat plagiarism as they do other sorts of misconduct and try to turn it into a learning situation so that the student can improve their practices and ethics. The alternative of failing ...


You can't actually conclude anything. There might be many reasons for a delay and a lack of communication. One reason might be a time of negotiation with another candidate and holding on to the others in case they can't come to agreement. If you were the first choice then chances are you would have heard by now, but the delays might be just administrative ...


Admissions committees may contact you references at any time, or not at all. Usually they will look through all applications, then choose a subset to contact references, and a subset of those to invite for interviews. It is also possible that they video interview a subset of applicants then contact their references afterwards.


I think once they like your CV and the other stuff, then they contact the referees to be very sure about everything you mentioned in your application. Of course that's before the interview.

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