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M2 in France = MPhil Equivalent in US/UK?

You should name the degree exactly as it was awarded by the institution. Anything else is misconduct. Let others make "equivalence" decisions. You can explain, but not change titles, that ...
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What's a reasonable STEM postdoc salary at Paris-Saclay university?

Postdoc salaries in France are fixed on a national scale. If you have less than two years' experience, your salary will be around €2300 after tax (something like €3000 before tax). If you have more ...
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What's a reasonable STEM postdoc salary at Paris-Saclay university?

Academic salaries in the EU are typically assigned based on the number of years of experience and sometimes taking in account your previous salary. You might be able to negotiate a tiny bit, but ...
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M2 in France = MPhil Equivalent in US/UK?

You have to put the exact title, in French. This is what was awarded to you. You did not get an "M2" but probably a Master (sorry, I got carried away in the previous version and referred the ...
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New regulation in France and/or in ERC grant for hiring only the postdocs who finished their PhD 3 or less years ago - what does it really say? Link?

In France, the law requires a contract for a postdoctoral researcher be established at latest 3 years after obtaining the doctoral degree, for a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of 3 years, ...
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Applying for 'qualification' for MCF position in France: documents in English

You will need your CV translated/already in French, the only exception is for qualifying works Article 5 of the Arrêté du 11 juillet 2018 relatif à la procédure d'inscription sur les listes de ...
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Should I apply for an Assistant Professor position if I only have one recommendation letter?

It is a waste of your time applying, and a waste of your letter writer’s time, if you cannot satisfy even the minimal requirements listed. Three letters means just that - not one, not two, but three ...
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France M2 admission

Entering directly in the middle of a diploma path is usually called an admission passerelle in France It is extremely dependent on the institution's policy (most of the time at this level, those will ...
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Math PhD in the USA from a completely different academic system

Yes, I myself do understand, to some degree, the differences in the systems... :) I think the main point for most places in the U.S. (which is why letters of recommendation have come to play a large ...
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Can anyone help me understand the concept of M2 in french masters? If i already have a 2years masters in a subject

A master in France is done in 2 years. M1 refers to the first year, while M2 refers to the second. ECTS are used in university to facilitate migration between establishment and formation. You likely ...
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