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What good is engineering research with no practical relevance?

The short answer to your question is that you are vastly overestimating your, and other engineer's, ability to judge what techniques will ever have practical relevance. I think it was Michael ...
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Is it frowned upon to go to office hours as a graduate student?

Grad students who come to office hours with good questions that show serious engagement with the material (e.g. attempts to solve the problem themself) are generally seen as mature, hard-working ...
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Is it frowned upon to go to office hours as a graduate student?

One common mistake grad students make is not asking for help when they need it, either from professors or advisors, out of a misguided belief that they're supposed to demonstrate independence or ...
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PhD advisor lost funding, need advice

If your advisor can't support you and your research, find another advisor as soon as possible. Your department/grad program should be able to help with this and talking to them should be your next ...
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Minor mistake in setup, no time to redo it. OK to publish anyway?

If you try to cover up the mistake by manipulating data, or omitting critical information that is needed for reproducibility, then yes, it is unethical. If you include a mention of the issue, and ...
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Can I pursue a bachelor degree at 42? What should I consider when deciding whether to do so?

Firstly, to answer the actual question at the top: yes, absolutely. There is no age limit on doing a degree. It is not at all unusual for people significantly older than you to complete degrees. My ...
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With a software engineering bachelor's (BE), how can I work on finding a cure for cancer?

I am a research administrator who has supported a machine learning professor for 8 years. She doesn't do cancer research, but she is a CS person who works with hospitals and analyzes their data for ...
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Advisor transferring to better school

The other school is hiring your adviser because they think they'll be a good researcher and faculty member. This means that at some level they trust your adviser's judgement. It's not impossible, but ...
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Which software is used to write scientific textbooks, especially in engineering?

What publishers and authors choose or prefer for document processing really depends on the discipline. Your profile says you are interested in "Electronics and Communication Engineering". ...
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Are you expected to bring poster presentations to academic conferences?

Usually if you are presenting a poster, it's because you submit a poster abstract to a call for posters, and it is accepted, or submit a paper, and you are informed that it is accepted for a poster ...
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Do you write about known code bugs in your publications?

The most successful paper I ever published was a software tool. We released 9 years ago, preprinted 8 years ago and published 7 years ago. It has over 1000 citations and 100,000s of downloads. Since ...
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Mixed-level class of undergrads and PhD engineers: grading on different curves

Rather than different "curves" or grading schemes for the two groups, you could teach two courses (see below) in one with different tasks and exams for the two groups. Some of the tasks ...
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What good is engineering research with no practical relevance?

Things with "no practical relevance" are not necessarily useless. They may just be "waiting for their time." For instance, the phenomenon of ionic liquids was first discovered in the early 1900's, ...
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What should I do if I hate engineering, but my parents want me to become an engineer?

I hate engineering (too practical, too far from physics) This in an unfortunately common misconception, which can bring nonsense answers like this one on Meta Physics SE, where it is said: If I ...
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Advisor transferring to better school

Go with him. Seriously heed this: Go with him Reasoning: You seem to want to go. The adviser wants you to come with. Gird you loins and make it happen. Put in the work. No, it is not normally ...
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Which software is used to write scientific textbooks, especially in engineering?

I've written several books, maybe a bit "advanced", in mathematics, and I've used plain TeX in all (due to getting committed to plain, as opposed to La-, TeX, to be able to manage small ...
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Being a Dishonest Cheat. How do I live with this?

It seems that you already know what to do. You said it yourself, you've struggled with engineering since you started and you had to cheat on an exam that is a pre-req for your future courses. Classes ...
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How to establish a relationship with a department head as an undergraduate?

It's possible that you are misunderstanding what the signature of a department head implies or requires. In general, signatures are used to ensure that policies and procedures have been appropriately ...
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What good is engineering research with no practical relevance?

Research which shows new methods does not have to demonstrate the practicality of the new methods to be useful. An example from something that can be very applied is research in numerical solvers for ...
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Is physics (and engineering) at university more like high school physics or high school math?

When studying physics at a German university, you will take three kinds of core modules: Experimental Physics Theoretical Physics Math Of these, experimental physics is somewhat similar to physics ...
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What good is engineering research with no practical relevance?

Pseudo-applied science is often a waste of resources. This does not mean that fundamental or basis research is pointless, but there is a difference: Having an abstract model for something "out of ...
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Do you write about known code bugs in your publications?

I am starting to realize that the code will always have bugs in it, no matter what I seems this is just the norm for software development. This is troubling. It's true that few things are ...
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Is an engineering PhD enough to publish math stats research?

No formal credential is required for scientific publication in any discipline. What is required is good work, presented well in a context in which the reviewers can understand your results and their ...
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Are control theorists considered mathematicians?

While it seems true (based on my own quite sketchy observations) that many if not most control theory researchers may be employed in engineering departments rather than mathematics departments, I find ...
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From a financial standpoint, how much more can I expect to earn after my degree?

Pursue the dual major because it interests you and this is your opportunity to do it, not because you expect a higher salary, because the higher salary probably won't happen. I spent a long career ...
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Why did only a few professors reply to my Ph.D. positions inquiry?

Each of the 20 professors you wrote to may have received hundreds of letters like yours. I think a quick acknowledgment with a "sorry, no" would be better than no response, but I can ...
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Are control theorists considered mathematicians?

I don't have references on the demographics but, traditionally, many and probably most control theorists are engineers by formation and it's in the field of engineering (electrical, mechanical, ...
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Engineering Major applying to Pure Math Grad school

You don't say where in the world you are or where in the world you want to be. Giving this information would allow for a more targeted response, as the mathematical background of students entering a ...
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What good is engineering research with no practical relevance?

I think the other answers look at the question in one way, but I'm going to answer it from a more 'human' perspective. Because it's interesting. Most people do research because what they're ...
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