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Does quick review means likely rejection?

Don't stress yourself out. I've personally experienced or caused all of the following: Quick review: "huh, this is wrong. That's outdated. This bit is nice. Major revision from me, editor, but I ...
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Does quick review means likely rejection?

If I get a review request and I have the time, I do it quickly. Otherwise, I might forget and then end up remainder emails shortly before the deadline. The reality of being faculty at a university is ...
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Does quick review means likely rejection?

Quick reviews are generally not rushed reviews. As a reviewer, I make a point to review papers as soon as I accept them, and I don't accept them unless I have time to really do a good job. ...
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Does quick review means likely rejection?

It means exactly nothing. The reviewer probably had a little downtime when the request came in and immediately wrote the review. Could be good, could be bad. You will know when you get the review. ...
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Does Elsevier inform authors (or corresponding author) once they received the payment for Article Publishing Charge (APC) for open access?

Send an e-mail asking for a confirmation that they received the money. Close it with "if I don't receive any news from you on this matter, I will consider the payment issue settled." Ask for ...
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