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How beneficial is teaching prior to PhD?

I have a tendency to spread myself a bit thin at times....I am worried that by accepting this position I might be doing just that. Most definitely. You are considering: Teaching a course outside of ...
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How beneficial is teaching prior to PhD?

This type of teaching experience is not very useful to your CV, I think, even at teaching-focused institutions down the road. If you'd like to pivot towards teaching experience during your PhD, there ...
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Does moderating a conference panel go on a CV?

Make a complete cv for yourself and put it on, that way you have the information available. When providing a cv make a focussed cv based on why you need it. That allows you on a case by case basis to ...
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What are the platforms to monitor for academic job search (Tenure Track/ Long-Term Positions) in the Sciences?

As some of the other comments already mentioned, many such portals are field-specific. However, I can provide some examples from the field of geoscience that may help you search for similar portals in ...
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Does moderating a conference panel go on a CV?

Everything can go on a CV, and when you're early in your career, everything probably should go on your CV. As you have more and more stuff on your CV as you move along in a career, you remove the ...
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The employer gives a job, but asks for a “plan” of work with a horizon until the end of summer

This is a standard project management task --- treat it as part of the interview process and do a good job This is not a particularly unusual request when an organisation considers hiring a ...
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Advice for an early career lecturer

I can give you the same advice that I do to incoming faculty at my institution (whether my mentorship is formal or casual). In no particular order: #1 as others have noted, it's OK to say no #2 don't ...
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Is it possible to get PhD in Statistics for an actuary?

This question was asked a long time ago but never answered. I'm a professor in the USA who teaches math and stats courses, has trained many actuaries, and has sent students to stats PhD programs. An ...
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