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I work for Conpher. Conpher was started by 35 postdoc researchers who want to share journal article publication experiences in order to share advice on where best to publish your research. Conpher is a is free platform available for all to search. We are independent of all journals and publishers. We launched in June 2020. Colleagues in over 30 countries ...


How do you know editors are selling your contact information? It's much more likely your contact information is being harvested. For example, if you've ever published a paper, your contact information might be available on that paper's front page. Or if you have a website. For example suppose I want to contact Edward Witten, one of the world's most well-...


If you are in Europe there may be a breach of GDPR, but proving it would be next to impossible. You likely signed a waiver buried in the small print of something that you ticked when you submitted.

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