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The usefulness of publishing in a predatory venue depends on which institution you wish to work in the future. If in the future, you wish to work in a highly-rated institution, I would strongly advise against publishing in such predatory venues. You see, most of the prestigious people that you have seen publishing in these journals are people with ...


So to sum up: you are concerned that citing a paper that cites a paper that might not be of the highest standard is going to reflect on your paper. I would say your concerns are groundless.


It is obligatory to cite works that you use in your research. This includes bad works, works with errors, works that have never been cited, works published in bad/predatory journals, and works that were never published. When deciding to cite something, the first thing to ask yourself is, "Did I use this in my research?" If the answer is yes, you ...


I suggest another approach: You have already performed a literature review for your introduction. What journals are your references published in? Have you ever cited a paper in the journal you are thinking about submitting to?

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