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Cannot present paper at conference. Instructor wants to move me to second author

Who presents a work should not affect its authorship. Authorship is determined by the contribution to the publication. That work is complete at the time when the publication is accepted and the ...
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Professor expects me to attend a conference. I can't afford to go,even with 50% funding

I am really hesitant to discuss my financial shortcomings with Prof. M, or else he assumes that I can afford the travel. I think you need to get past this. You do not have financial shortcomings, ...
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Is it appropriate to mention that authors refused to provide code samples when asked?

would be advisable to add a note that the implementation of THEIR algorithm is our implementation Absolutely yes. This provides important context for your experimentation and as such, is valuable ...
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I was pushed to submit a mediocre paper to a conference. To my surprise it was accepted. How to save face?

I feel the first step is to calm down and to stop exaggerating. Seeing this as an "evil mistake" and a "predicament" that's "embarrassing" is really, really over the top ...
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Rebuttal is limited to 500 words, but the reviewers asked almost 20 questions

I suspect I know which conference you are talking about (I am in the Program Committee) :) Answering questions in the rebuttal phase of conferences is a newly emerging skill. Almost any paper faces ...
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Is it ok to show up to a conference without registering if I don't eat any meals?

No, it is not acceptable. You can of course email the organisers and ask if you can participate without paying, but do not be surprised if they say no. (Please note that conference registration fees ...
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Will I destroy my career if I published a paper with a serious mistake?

Congrats on your paper. No, it wouldn't destroy your career but it would be awkward and embarrassing. It could potentially hurt your career if the mistake was the result of obvious sloppiness, gross ...
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What are the potential pitfalls of using non-Greek/non-European characters as symbol in scientific writing?

You’re doing it wrong, and are already violating a cultural norm that’s much more important than any norm having to do with a specific choice of character set. That cultural norm is: write papers that ...
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Found a severe error in a conference paper after presentation but before the proceedings

Let's see: You wrote a paper of sufficient writing quality that it was chosen for presentation at a conference and publication. None of the peer reviewers noticed anything wrong with it. None of the ...
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I feel bad about rejecting a paper during review

I decided to 'weak reject' the paper No you didn't. It is the editor that rejects the paper, or not. You merely provided input based on your technical expertise, which it sounds like you did in good ...
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What should I do with award certificates?

Give it to a relative (parent, spouse?). My mother has a "wall of Sergio" in the house where she displays different types of significant awards, letters, etc. I think it's a little weird, but giving ...
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Is it appropriate to mention that authors refused to provide code samples when asked?

As a software engineer, I'll give the dissenting opinion. Source code is not an algorithm. It's a "dusty mirror" version of something which hopefully is the algorithm they intended and which ...
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How important is networking at conferences really?

In your career stage, I would have said exactly the same thing. I went to many conferences and meetings (my advisor insisted), but rarely talked to people more senior than me, mostly listening to the ...
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How should I refer to the presence of racial slurs in data presented at a conference talk?

As a person of color, I would much rather even the most offensive words be spelled out on the screen rather than misunderstand the research. There is an understanding that this is a research context ...
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Why hold conferences in a resort town?

I cannot talk about general customs, but for whatever it’s worth, a major conference in my field is held in a ski resort, off-season. This has two advantages: This is what the resort does to survive ...
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Signed up for a talk, not enough material

Twenty minutes is not long for a talk. Moreover, most students drastically overestimate how much material you can put in a short talk. Giving a short introduction to the field and how it came about ...
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Should I correct a mistake for the camera-ready version even though the reviewers missed that mistake?

Yes, you should if you can. Presumably the reviewers are not the last people who will be reading the text.
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What should I do if I have some evidence pointing out that the results presented in a conference paper might be fake?

Let’s hold our horses here for a moment. Unlike the other answers so far, I see three options: The results are “fake”, e.g. maliciously, knowingly fabricated The results contain a mistake, made in ...
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How to concentrate during conference talks where the quality of the presentation is poor?

When I attend talks where the quality of the presentation is poor, I like to use it as an opportunity to learn about what not to do in a presentation. I have an ongoing list of "things not to do in a ...
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Drawbacks of participating in a conference boycott

Yes, participating in such a boycott can come at a personal cost. That is true for any boycott; the existence of this cost is what makes the boycott worthwhile in the first place. If there was no ...
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Leaving a conference immediately after presenting a paper?

Is there an etiquette regarding this? Should someone accept a presentation on a conference if they won't be able to be present for the whole duration? There aren’t really any universally agreed-upon ...
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Is it bad to finish your talk early at conferences?

Getting the timing on a talk exactly right is difficult, and it’s much better to go short than long. So I wouldn’t worry about it. Similarly ending a 50 minute talk at 45 minutes is totally fine. Plus ...
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How to ignore a presenter's bad english?

So I'm a native English speaker, and I used to be kind of a snob about people whose spoken English was poor. I got over it. I remember the exact instant that I got over it, in fact. Here it is: I was ...
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My supervisor uses my scientific jokes and metaphors in his talks. What's a healthy way to deal with this?

As the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Ideally, we all want presenters in academia to get as good at presenting topics as they can, so it is reasonable for your ...
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Better to give a poor/unfinished talk at a conference or cancel it?

When this happens to me, I just describe it as "work in progress" or a "research attempt" and present what I can with what I've got. What's wrong with that? That's how research works. "...hasn't ...
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Advisor asked for my entire slide presentation so she could give the presentation at an international conference

As an advisor, I regularly use my students’ slides when I present my current projects. This is usually done within the context of high level presentations: I’m working on important project X; Alice ...
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How should I give a talk about my paper if I know it has a significant weakness?

How should you talk about the weakness? Honestly. This doesn't mean you need to dwell on it or undermine all the rest of this talk around your point. But if you know about a serious weakness, you ...
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Is it ethical to present a second paper at a conference when the first paper and travel was funded by a separate organization?

I can't see any ethical issues at all. You seem to be properly fulfilling the obligations of your funding. What else you do at a conference is your own concern. The funders are willing to support you ...
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First-year PhD giving a talk among well-established researchers in the field

Let's flip this question around and imagine that you, as a first year anthropology PhD student, are now visiting your high school. One of the students asked your former teachers if you would be ...
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