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This is ultimately a personal decision for you to make and it's likely that the question will be closed. I assume that you now have adequate background to be a TA for this course, so you've overcome the difficulties that you had when you first took the course. Let me suggest to you that your experience in struggling with this course as a beginner is ...


I think what they should have written is that "it will be available upon publication". Many people will provide the source code only after the paper is published. It is possible they intended to release the code upon publication, and they may need to get approval from their funding source etc. They should use proper language though.


I don't know about arXiv, but on bioarXiv, people will often upload their manuscripts at the same time as they submit them for peer review. People will put in links for data and code that they intend to make available when the peer-reviewed form of the manuscript is published. Some times this is because they want to protect their data/code until the last ...


There is no advantage to claiming the source code is available and then not doing that. All it will achieve is irritating the really interested readers. The most likely reason is it’s a simple mistake. Something like they wanted to do that but forgot. Or other reasons, maybe department policies came up that prevented the author from doing that. Or maybe the ...

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