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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

Is it an option to ask M Smith if she would be ok if the first citation were to read as the following? Smith, M. (published G.) 2014, recent advances in foo, international journal of foo sciences ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

One of the primary goals of citing literature is to help others find that literature. Citing a paper differently than it exists in a journal is antithetical to this goal. Unless Smith changes George ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

This is really making a mountain out of a mole hill. Do the thing that will make the author happy. Even hyper famous papers have all sorts of oddities and mistakes in them; it is likely that nobody is ...
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Why are numeric citations used?

The citation style is a matter of personal preference. proof: I prefer the numerical citations (especially if they are in superscript). Numeric citations are easier to skip, allowing me to focus on ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

Do you have any advice on how to handle this situation? Name them exactly as in the publication, using the old name for publications before the name change and the new one for publications after the ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

I advise you strongly to use their new name and gender. Especially in the period right after the change, she's very sensitive about this. It's very upsetting when people remind you of your previous ...
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Why are there dollar amounts listed near the copyright information for journal articles?

This is called a Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) fee code. When you request a book via Interlibrary Loan (ILL), the lending library physically mails the book, and eventually receives it as a return. ...
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Underscore in place of author in references

Some citation styles allow you to use a long dash in place of an author name if the work you're citing has the same author as the preceding one. It's stylistic choice.
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How should you cite yourself when there are more than 15 authors?

If you have space constraints, one way I have seen this done is: First A., ... Plesca, A.-M., ... Senior A. (2022) "A title." Journal. The first author lets someone find the full citation, ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

Very similar things have happened previously. The following really happened, but the name has been changed. A Russian whose papers had been translated under the name Chaikovskii suddenly started ...
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How do I cite an equation that has a typo in the source?

You should indicate what the typo was and that you corrected it. This will prevent your readers getting confused if/when they look up the reference, and related annoyances (e.g., the referee accusing ...
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Is strict adherence to a citation format really necessary in actual research?

First of all, almost nobody formats their references by hand. Typesetting systems such as Latex have a tool for auto-generating references, for instance from a bibtex file (which is essentially a ...
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How do non-LaTeX users handle citations?

It isn't exactly hard to do references by hand, in any word processing system, just boring and a bit fiddly at times. However, given the number of questions here on references it isn't like the ...
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Why are numeric citations used?

Citation styles are primarily arbitrary. Citation styles are mostly based on tradition, rather than logical reasons. Concise citation styles, like numeric citations, require less copyediting which ...
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Should religious (or other kind of) titles be used when citing authors?

Since one does not even cite other academics as "Dr." and "Prof.", I rationally tend to think one would not cite "Sister", "Mullah", "Guru" or ...
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Why are numeric citations used?

I believe the advantage is mainly shortening the text. This can be substantial in some cases. If a short paper wants to mention 20 studies, then often the references can be reordered so that the ...
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How to cite a paper with authors in non-alphabetical order?

Do not change the order. Alphabetize by the first listed author. If in doubt, I could imagine adding a "dummy" entry in the bibliography: Perez & Smith, see Smith & Perez.
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Where should citations be placed relative to punctuation (e.g., full stops and commas)?

As others have mentioned, all sentences should be grammatically correct. The citation marker of the form [X] may play the role of a noun, or of silent word. 1, 4 and 11 are never correct - they put ...
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How to cite a physical product?

In the example given, you are citing the specification, not the device. The same is true of the Ferrari. You are going to say something(s) about it, such as horsepower or wheelbase. So, find and ...
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Latin abbreviation for "see there"

Quod vide, q.v. in short. I agree with the other commenters though, its pretty obscure in English writing.
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Is it necessary to write "United States of America" in bibliographies when describing the place of publication?

It's a good idea to take a step back here, and think about what the purpose of the bibliography is. Ultimately, it is supposed to allow a reader to unambiguously determine what publication is being ...
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When citing a paper with a lot of authors; is it OK to shorten the author list in the references section?

Every citation style has some threshold at which it is OK to change a long list into an "et al." citation ("et al." is an abbreviation of the Latin "et alia" meaning "and others"). The particular ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

Use the name the author prefers. There is little chance of confusion. In a given citation style, there are at least three and possibly more separate factors pointing toward the correct citation: 1) ...
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How do non-LaTeX users handle citations?

When working with non-LaTeX users, I've seen people use many different workflows for citation management. The answer mainly depends upon what workflow and software people use. Here's some things I saw:...
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Does a reference to a work inside a footnote have to be in the bibliography?

You did reference it, it is in the document, so of course it goes into the bibliography. Imagine the other way round: Someone reads the text, finds it interesting, sees that there is more to be found ...
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How do I cite a translation of a classical author (greek philosopher) in my thesis

Seneca mainly wrote in Latin. Since you are not working in a field that is even remotely interested in Latin literature, but since this is probably an inspirational quote, you should not include it in ...
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Some authors can use variants of their last names in two different publications. How does one write their last name when citing both inline?

Inline citations should match what appears in bibliographies, and bibliographies should match what appears in the publication record. You can augment what’s listed—for instance, you could provide the ...
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Citing online journal papers for Master's Class Research Project

The doi already doubles as a link to the article, and any good bibliography style will make that clickable. Moreover, the doi comes with a commitment that it will work in perpetuity, while the url on ...
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How do I handle a colleague's gender change when citing their paper?

TL;DR: I have this problem when citing my own papers. I concluded that I'm citing a paper, not a person, and generally cite my old papers as they stand (example below). However, if someone asked me ...
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