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I think "being on the ground" makes it really easy to find the right collaborator! Find whoever runs a seminar series in the appropriate department (i.e. you're in math, look for an appropriate math seminar) that you'll want to visit and would be interested in giving a seminar talk. Most people will enjoy the ease in planning something that plans itself. ...


It sounds quite strange to sign collaboration agreements without any feeling of what is going on on the other site. Get the text of the agreements. Presumably some discussions on potential collaboration areas were part of the negotiations, contacting the people signing the agreement (and/or the people involved in negotiations) would be the first step. First ...


There are likely not all that many departments at the other university where possible collaborators could be located. Assuming they are in a part of the world where departments and people have websites, go to the website of the possible departments, and then the websites of faculty in that department. This way, you are not limited by the vagaries of having ...


Web of Science can do this to some extent. Go to Web of Science and search the keyword in "topic". After getting results, refine by funding agencies and look for the institution you want. I'm not sure how comprehensive this is, though.

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