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Questions about the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, including requirements such as dissertations and university programs leading to a Ph.D.

I think I understand what you are thinking. It can feel "financially irresponsible" to spend 4-6 years studying for a PhD, because when you are a PhD student, you are earning a relatively low salary … your employment prospects after you get your PhD. While your question is primarily about PhDs, I would say more broadly that graduate degrees are not created equal. For example, if you graduate with a …
answered Oct 10 '17 by I Like to Code
My interpretation of the original poster's question is: If I were to do a PhD without putting in much effort into my PhD, would it be possible for me to get a PhD and become a college professor … ? Short answer Yes, it is possible; but if you work hard, it is much more likely that attain a PhD and your career goal of becoming a college professor. Long answer As others have noted, it is getting …
answered Jan 25 '15 by I Like to Code
? If so, leaving for another position becomes more risky because the situation may be worse than your current situation. Financial situation: Usually, a PhD salary is less than a post-doc salary …
answered May 11 '14 by I Like to Code
I don't think it is frowned upon to have multiple PhDs. However, it is definitely rare to meet a person who has multiple PhDs. Anecdotally, I would estimate that fewer than 1% of people with a PhD … will have a second PhD. I know of only one person from my social circle who has a second PhD: Dr. Ye Lu received a PhD in operations research from MIT in 2009, a PhD in mathematics from the …
answered Jul 11 by I Like to Code
To add to the excellent advice posted by many others, I just want to focus on one particular aspect of your post: The problem is if I wasn't a PhD student, I'd just be another fat ugly loser with … friend / mentor / religious leader / counselor. When I was a PhD student and dealing with depression, it was extremely helpful to see a counselor about once a week. This was a perk provided free-of …
answered Feb 21 '15 by I Like to Code
research talk as well as talk about our department to the audience, which is mostly undergraduate students in their second or third years. Given that quite a few of the PhD students admitted to our …
answered Sep 5 '16 by I Like to Code
I know of one person who has two PhDs in somewhat related fields. His first PhD was on pure mathematics, and he managed to complete his second PhD in 3 years in operations research. For this person … , earning this second PhD allowed him to get a job in a business school which pays quite a bit more than a job at a math department. He was also able to complete his PhD faster than average (the average …
answered May 14 '16 by I Like to Code
situation, as I also had my first baby born during my PhD studies. In my opinion, you are facing two different causes of stress: stress from external sources (pressure from your collaborators) and …
answered Feb 12 '15 by I Like to Code