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Questions pertaining to those being taught at the post-secondary level.

There are three issues here: Student comments on feedback forms Abusive language in direct communication Comments on a facebook group. There is little last on of these unless the language would me …
answered Feb 5 '18 by Ian Sudbery
We do a very similar arrangement for the small amount of R teaching we do. Students are asked (via email) to do some preparatory work before the first class. This involves two things for this class … during the class. I'll note that our class is compulsory for everyone that does it. There is no signing up late or dropping out. And our students are used to being communicated with via email - any …
answered Jan 7 by Ian Sudbery
If you are assessing the students on the correct criteria then it is not discrimiation. However, often we judge people on a proxy for what we really care about. So, for example, if I set an essay … on the the structure/function relationship of the genome, I am trying to assess a students understanding of a particular section of biology. If I then give a poor mark to a student whose first language …
answered Feb 17 '18 by Ian Sudbery
will implement in their own teaching. We have a pretty good staff-student committee where concerns by students can and are raised. We also have student representatives on our departmental teaching … committee (see this answer). How effective these are is varied. Student surveys make up a big part of who a department is ranked in national rankings, which determines how many students we can …
answered Nov 9 by Ian Sudbery
representatives from every group of students in the department. The students are there as elected representatives, but obviously they bring their own experiences to the table. The students can and often … do raise worries about thing in this meeting and often an explanation of why things are this way is offered, the students are told that the matter will be investigated and the results presented at the …
answered Nov 9 by Ian Sudbery