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Questions about the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, including requirements such as dissertations and university programs leading to a Ph.D.

enough undergraduate research opportunities, you can always do a masters degree before your PhD. If your classes are too hard senior year and you can't study for the LSAT, you can find a way to take a … types of experiences. My very good friend ended up studying computer science in college, but is now getting his PhD in political science. English majors go to medical school. Physicists go to law school …
answered Jun 24 '14 by Neo
For my MSc Thesis, I put the people who proof read and helped edit my thesis in the acknowledgements. I think the admissions committee would care if you did some of the research, and if the PhD … research they did was a PhD student and they thought a 4 letter from that student would help them. If you didn't do any research, you basically edited and made suggestions, I'm not really sure an …
answered Jun 29 '14 by Neo
In Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences departments in the United States, it seems to be a hybrid of the two; the department admissions committee must accept you even if the professor you want t …
answered Apr 9 '14 by Neo
If you have funding, you might email him: Hello Professor X, I am interested in researching stem cells, and see you are an expert at researching stem cells. I am wondering if you are accept …
answered Sep 19 '14 by Neo
specific project at the start. For example, one of my colleagues is doing a PhD with a very very well known geophysicist, who is known more for is observational and experimental work, but has developed a … general scientific skills. In my opinion, his dissertation work has turned out to be very good because of this, with many more productive collaborations than the normal PhD students tend to have out of …
answered Sep 1 '15 by Neo
My first meeting with both my PhD and MS supervisor were fairly informal. Talk about research, talk about moving to the new area, ect. Generally set up stuff. They also showed me my new office. You …
answered Aug 18 '15 by Neo
Wait a month before asking again, maybe longer because he is moving. Generally a month is a good time to wait even if he wasn't moving. There is still plenty of time to get your application in and ha …
answered Sep 11 '14 by Neo
At most write an email about 6-8 lines long; people are busy. You should introduce yourself, explain what kind of research you want to do, ask he/she if she is taking on a student, and reference a few …
answered Feb 9 '14 by Neo