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Questions concerning computer code written or used in the context of a research project or other academic endeavour (including questions on licensing, ownership, sharing, distribution, and formatting of academic source code). For other questions on software (related to academic aspects of using the software rather then developing it), use the `software` tag instead.

As you would with any other document, write for your audience. That is, write your code to make it help, as best as possible (yet still at reasonable cost), those who are reading it. Consider: Will … anybody other than you be reading the code, now or in the future? If it's a one-off script that you will quickly discard you need not worry much about readability. If nobody else is likely ever to …
answered Mar 23 '18 by Curt J. Sampson
There's lots of good advice in the various answers; I'm going to address only point 3, "How do I make it easy for other people to run the code?" The answer here is to automate as much as possible … script (I usually call it Test) that builds and tests all your code. (This is always the first thing I write.) In your case it sounds like it's too late to start with it, but add it now and grow it in …
answered Mar 23 '18 by Curt J. Sampson