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The one who helps students to select courses or an academic major, engages in a short term and long term educational planning, assists in preparing the thesis necessary to obtain the degree; or a person who advises internship students on training in industry.

Something (somewhat) similar happened to a friend of mine. The key to her solution was to get another chair while at the same time allowing her advisor to "save face" in the department. Basically she … her original advisor as the chair, but that the work start date seemed like it was making that arrangement impossible. She and her ally were able to arrange it so the original, medically unavailable …
answered May 8 '18 by Dawn
is also something I struggled with. Ultimately, getting more experience teaching and presenting helped me because I was able to begin to think of my meetings as opportunities to teach my advisor … about my claims and ideas. When teaching your advisor about your claims or ideas, you want to be able to explain the same concept multiple ways. I learned that my supervisor really grasped ideas more …
answered Apr 18 '18 by Dawn
I recently heard that a good question to ask is “What do you think that others [perhaps other scientists] think about ...” The idea is that most bigots think their bigotry is pretty normal and their b …
answered Mar 29 by Dawn
I am not sure which type of advisor is better. It probably depends on the individul or is a combination of both extremes. However, I think that, in the absence of finding all good qualities in one … individual, a PhD student can build a team of mentors and coauthors. Your advisor is one type of mentor in your team, but you should add others. Perhaps you can also do work with a postdoc or coauthor …
answered May 10 '18 by Dawn
From my understanding of your situation, you did something unconventional for your thesis. The examiners didn't like the approach, and told you to do something more conventional in your revise and res …
answered May 21 '18 by Dawn
I sympathize with this because I had an overly positive advisor for approximately 3.5 years, until I was getting ready to go on the job market and then suddenly he had tons of problems with my work … . Others have told you to go elsewhere for criticism. This is probably a good idea, but you should also be able to have a good, balanced discussion with your main advisor who knows your work best. Two …
answered Nov 1 '16 by Dawn
My advice would be to cultivate one or more allies in the department (perhaps other committee members who already have tenure?). These allies can both put pressure on Dr Jessica to allow the student t …
answered Jul 25 '18 by Dawn
It is worth noting here that you could choose to keep your advisor and add additional “mentors” to your team. This may mean increasing your relationship with committee members or forming mentorship … relationships with other faculty or perhaps more advanced grad students. In this way, your advisor can be appreciated for his good points and you can go to him when you have problems or questions that …
answered Jan 23 by Dawn
Typically, successful appeals happen when another advisor is willing to take on the student after the appeal. This creates an ally during the appeal process. It also creates an "out" for the … department. I have two friends who were able to appeal by finding an alternative advisor. I know no-one who was able to appeal with their original advisor UNLESS the advisor was actually using the process as …
answered Nov 13 '18 by Dawn
I don't think the existing answers have sufficiently dealt with HOW you should approach your supervisor about this. I suggest framing the change in your work habits as a positive for something he ca …
answered Jun 29 '18 by Dawn
You could make the case that agreements about author order should be renegotiated after a major reworking of the paper. Because this is essentially a new paper, you might convince all parties to chang …
answered Oct 14 '18 by Dawn
) if your perception about idea stealing is accurate 2) how to bring this up with your advisor (if at all) 3) how to negotiate with your advisor around fairly getting you on future pubs using your idea … 4) how to get the rest of the committee on your side so you can prevent the advisor from any funny business related to your graduation. Good luck! …
answered Mar 13 by Dawn