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The one who helps students to select courses or an academic major, engages in a short term and long term educational planning, assists in preparing the thesis necessary to obtain the degree; or a person who advises internship students on training in industry.

Boredom may be a problem here and he has not yet learned how to cope with that. Your job at this stage is to motivate him to do the best MSc possible for him (or at least the one that reflects his s …
answered Feb 3 '18 by Captain Emacs
She is a new professor, new to the job. Sometimes it may help to give her a indication what you would need from her, very diplomatic, very polite, but clear. If she does not follow up on that, conside …
answered Oct 25 '16 by Captain Emacs
Well there was this guy, A, saying that B's field is on the way out. Turned out, it was the other way round. B's field is now big, A's field is on the way out. (True story) Whatever the case: do not …
answered Apr 21 '16 by Captain Emacs
If you have no research experience, it will be hard to convince any professional scientist to invest in you. Perhaps there is a team of enthusiasts in your community (or even online) who are happy to …
answered Apr 16 '16 by Captain Emacs
They say that "loose tongues sink ships". That the situation on the whole is ticklish is not your fault. But talking in a sensitive situation is like smoking in a powder keg factory and throwing the …
answered Mar 22 by Captain Emacs
A successful project profits from both supervisor and candidate being interested in the same question. If you really dislike the topic, you should try to convince the supervisor to accept a different …
answered Jan 24 '16 by Captain Emacs
The problem is not so much that you couldn't be objective: probably you could. However, it is also for your protection to argue a Conflict of Interest. Imagine you give a good review, then your judg …
answered Nov 23 '16 by Captain Emacs
This is most definitely not normal, and if people in this department think it is, they are wrong. He may not be happy with you - this happens - but then his criticism has to be specific and constructi …
answered Jun 2 '17 by Captain Emacs
It would be even more powerful to inform the IEEE (if the OP can muster the proof that this coercion is going on). But, unfair as it is, it will probably damage the OP's career irreparably. Utterly de …
answered May 30 '16 by Captain Emacs
Several months, if you worked with the student, is plenty of time to get an informed impression, and especially so if your impression is good. This is how I would proceed: Write how you know/met the …
answered Dec 17 '15 by Captain Emacs
My condolences for a very unpleasant and difficult situation. A few extra hints that may add to what has been already said and they are comparatively low risk. body language, attitude and physical i …
answered Dec 18 '15 by Captain Emacs
I think it unlikely that you will convince them to reduce the number of meetings; from my experience, people do not realise that you can do with less, until they have experienced the productivity boos …
answered Dec 14 '15 by Captain Emacs
I think restricting the use of the code, if the advisor was a co-author, is a legitimate request (even if not protected by law, so you had in principle the option to - legally - ignore the request …
answered Nov 2 '16 by Captain Emacs
It sounds extremely rude, I am afraid. I would assume mitigating circumstances for a non-native speaker, but the "no thanks" permits "thanks" to be interpreted as substantive, and thus has a highly di …
answered Feb 9 '18 by Captain Emacs
The proposal should not be long (1/2-2 pages), or at least should have a summary that can be read in one glance. It should show your interest, but not be so narrow that it creates the impression that …
answered Dec 16 '15 by Captain Emacs

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