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On the evaluation of work (typically, a publication or grant proposal) by the author's peers. This includes: refereeing, which is often used to determine an academic paper's suitability for publication in a journal or conference; peer evaluation of teaching skills; peer review of research grant proposals; and post-publication review of a book or article, as is common in the field of mathematics.

What you are suggesting sounds like a very honorable course of action to me. You are simply offering the editor feedback on the quality of service you (and the journal) received from the referee, whic …
answered Dec 8 '16 by Dan Romik
You're overthinking this. The answer is very simple: if you like the paper and think it advances science in some meaningful way, recommend acceptance. If not, recommend rejection. That's all there is …
answered Mar 23 '17 by Dan Romik
Any further thoughts? I recommend giving yourself a minimum of 24 hours before you send back a reply. This will make sure you don’t do anything rash or allow emotional issues to dictate yo …
answered Nov 22 '18 by Dan Romik
Will it have any impact on my reputation as a reviewer in future? As @darijgrinberg said in a comment, referees are quite often late with reviewing assignments. As an example, on one occasion (th …
answered Nov 10 '18 by Dan Romik
Can I directly contact the authors to ask for clarification or I must conduct all correspondence via the editor? No, you really shouldn't contact the authors directly. I can see two options re …
answered Dec 11 '15 by Dan Romik
I was asked some time ago to review a book proposal by a leading academic publisher, and offered to choose between receiving some token monetary compensation or having them send me a few of their text …
answered Mar 1 '17 by Dan Romik
My question is that why to keep somebody waiting for 9 months for such rejection. You are mixing up two issues here, the rejection "without proper review" and the delay, and I think that's illog …
answered Feb 16 '17 by Dan Romik
On the one hand: I genuinely believe this needs to be improved. That is the only relevant consideration here. Your job as referee is to provide honest, accurate feedback to the journal and the au …
answered Mar 5 '16 by Dan Romik
Is it ethical for me to submit my paper to a journal, citing the dissertation and giving it credit for introducing the problem? Yes. On the one hand, the material that inspired me to study t …
answered Jun 5 '18 by Dan Romik
You are worrying about a superficial consequence of doing mathematics research instead of what really matters, which is the research itself. This kind of thinking is an example of what's known as "put …
answered Mar 15 '16 by Dan Romik
How reasonable would it be to argue that the journal should reconsider on the grounds that the paper was not honestly reviewed? If I were you I would really, really, really avoid bringing anythi …
answered Mar 21 '17 by Dan Romik
Your question raises two issues, one of which is merely annoying, but the other concerns a possible breach of ethics. I think it's helpful to consider those two issues separately. Regarding the fact …
answered Sep 18 '15 by Dan Romik
So, can it be that our common policy of giving multiple reviews of the same paper, especially when we don't propose any improvement to be done, is unfair to the authors as we can be the ones wrong? …
answered Jun 27 '17 by Dan Romik
I will address the part of your question concerning whether it is okay to tell your collaborators about paper B, which was not discussed in Dmitry Savostyanov's otherwise excellent answer (with whose …
answered Nov 28 '16 by Dan Romik
Could I send this report, together with the manuscript, to another journal? I have several times thought of doing just that, and one time decided to take a chance and try it. Somewhat to my sur …
answered Mar 20 '16 by Dan Romik

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