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On standards or conventions specific to the Indian higher education system, which differs in structure and style from the systems in North America, Europe, Oceania, or elsewhere in Asia.

In addition to jakebeal's answer, I would like to add some points of my own. India is a developing country with not much money to spend on funding. Thus only a handful research institutes can support … good quality research and education. Talented students who don't find enough resources in India go to abroad to pursue their endeavours. The people who remain in the country are the ones' having a …
answered May 18 '15 by spunkpike
India. For the grading scheme however, the following guide is issued by the University Grants Commission(India) which is in charge of the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of … university education in India. Letter Grade Grade Point O (Outstanding) 10 A+(Excellent) 9 A(Very Good) 8 B+(Good) 7 B(Above Average) 6 C …
answered Mar 21 '15 by spunkpike
US does not have centralized rules about such things. It's in the hand of each university how they want to handle it. Very few US universities will admit students with a 3 year bachelors from India
answered Apr 24 '15 by spunkpike
This particular incident doesn't happen to be an university examination. This is the final grade 10h school exam that was conducted centrally by the government of state of Bihar, India. BSEB. The … given situation is being highly criticized by Indian media and Indian people as well. Coming to the question, Yes there is a lot of widespread corruption and malpractices prevalent in India. I can't …
answered Mar 21 '15 by spunkpike