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Assessment of a student's academic education which appears as a quantitative or descriptive form.

There's nothing you can do to change your grade on a completed degree. What you can do is do well in your job so that no one cares about your old grades, which it sounds like you've done. So … congrats on that! The real issue here isn't your grades, it's that you're still feeling a lot of anxiety about your college experience. I'd suggest talking to a therapist about that. You can't change …
answered Aug 5 by Noah Snyder
common to get input from faculty who have that knowledge when evaluating files. Similarly if you apply to schools that have recent grad students who went to your school they can compare you to those students. Another thing is that hopefully your letter writers will put your grades into context. …
answered Aug 20 by Noah Snyder
. Finally, even in the revenue sports, there are many fantastic students who get good grades in rigorous classes. I've had great students who are world-class elite athletes. Looking at the major and the … grades gives a pretty clear indication of the level of rigor involved. And of course there are plenty of non-athletes with non-rigorous majors and mediocre grades. This last point is especially clear …
answered Jun 11 by Noah Snyder