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Questions related to initiation, preparation, editing and presentation of a research thesis. A Thesis is a long research report including personal research conclusions and outputs. A Thesis must include personal research and the proper citations from other publications in the research topic.

Find a good source of the appropriate discussion and include a reference. "This is discussed in detail in Smith, Jones and Brown, 2005."
answered Jan 8 by Bob Brown
A master's thesis assumes that you will have broad general knowledge of a subject, and detailed knowledge of a particular area of the subject. Whether you are expected to include an experimental … component or make a contribution to the body of knowledge beyond that which results from organizing material into a thesis depends on your institution. Your advisor can help you there. (Image …
answered Jan 9 '15 by Bob Brown
Report what did work. Forget the rest. Anyone looking to reproduce or expand on your results needs to know the software you did use. Edit: I note with some chagrin that I answered other than what O …
answered Oct 17 '16 by Bob Brown
Your dissertation is not supposed to solve all the world's problems. Presumably your chair and committee have been following your work and will understand why there are unanswered questions. Your ow …
answered Oct 19 '14 by Bob Brown
Working from a bibliography in another paper is not plagiarism. It's actually a good research technique. As you read those papers, check their bibliographies, too, and so on. Pretty soon you will …
answered Nov 19 '14 by Bob Brown
I acknowledged my two volunteer proofreaders, but probably would not acknowledge a paid lector unless he went above and beyond what the fee covered. In the case of acknowledgments, I think a safe r …
answered Dec 13 '15 by Bob Brown
You should do nothing and hope that the people who find the errors in your own documents are kind enough to do the same. (There is at least one error in my own master's thesis and at least one in my … were a book, a web page, or something else amenable to revision, one would send the author a polite note. The "do nothing" advice is for a "one and done" document like a thesis or dissertation. …
answered Dec 25 '14 by Bob Brown
work: Consequences for fathers' stress and father-child relations. Unpublished master's thesis, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. With a hanging indent that I can't figure out how to do here. …
answered Nov 6 '14 by Bob Brown
Ask him for advice about buying wine. If you actually get advice, use it to select a nice bottle for him. If demurs about the wine advice, make a gift to the university in his name. They'll send a …
answered May 6 by Bob Brown
Your supervisor's job is to be sure you're on the right track, not to do any of the work. Thirty minutes a month ought to be more than sufficient for that. Also, the supervisor either takes care of …
answered Dec 29 '17 by Bob Brown
Think about it this way: Eventually one of those people for whom you write the thesis will be working for your stockbroker and influencing your investments, or working for your doctor or a hospital …
answered Apr 24 '16 by Bob Brown
Make an output schedule that will let you finish. By "output" I mean completed material, e.g. a page a day. For each day, work at least as long as necessary to stay with the schedule. If you can …
answered Apr 7 by Bob Brown
For your coursework, if any, you will face the same sort of deadlines you'd find in any college course. Expect little or no slack on late or sloppy work, though. In one of my courses, grades were 10 …
answered Nov 18 '14 by Bob Brown
Ask your advisor to check with the dean or other appropriate authority to see whether tuition can be waived since you have nothing left but a round of revisions and the defense. That puts your adviso …
answered Jan 30 '17 by Bob Brown
Yes, you can. Colin Purrington has some extremely good advice on how to go about it. There are even templates you can use. Edit: You've added that your thesis was published in a university library … . That's OK. It is your work, so you are allowed to present it in a different form. Your poster is going to summarize the problem you tackled and showcase the relevant results. You shouldn't try to present the entire thesis as a poster; only the very most important parts.. …
answered Mar 11 by Bob Brown

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