I am a master's student in Canada, I started my degree in 2018. I wrote my thesis and sent it to both my main supervisor and co-supervisor a month ago and ask them to read but my main prof does not have time to read it. My co-supervisor reviewed it and he sent his feedbacks privately without including the main supervisor(it was weird to me). 

I emailed my main supervisor a few times and asked him to read it, then when he noticed that the co-supervisor is giving me feedbacks privately he got annoyed. Then he(the main supervisor) said that I can go for defense with my co-supervisor's revisions, and he does not have any revisions. He still does not want to read it. 
I am having a tight deadline to submit the final version. However, I would like to have his feedback, since he is my primary supervisor and knows my work more than my co-supervisor. 
How do I get him to read the draft? Is not it rude not to consider his feedback?
What should I do in this situation?