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Ethical Dilemma at University program

I'm currently about to graduate from a US university with a MS as I didn't make it to the PhD program. For whatever reasons I was rejected even after performing quite well compared to other PhD students, I don't want to speculate. I had an idea that some of these students are cheating on the homework assignments by copying codes and solutions from previous year posted solutions. The professors are probably too lazy to do anything about it because even after I reported anonymously, nothing has changed. I had made peace with that, but in this semester, I noticed that they even have access to a drive on the network where the professor keeps the exams and solutions. I struggle to study for the mid-terms when I have so much of assignments to do, and these people get a head-start by just copying the assignments one day before the deadline. First of all, they have more time to prepare for exams or do other stuff, and secondly, they also have sample exams with solutions which the professor is probably repeating. Instead of reporting that, I asked the professor if he'd provide sample exams to everyone. He got irritated and behaved quite badly even when I had genuine questions to ask during his office hours. After the mid-term, he screwed me in the exam and I noticed others fared much better than me. I have a feeling the professor knows and may be I inconvenienced him by reporting. I spend a lot of time worrying about this. In a month I'd be out of here and I want to have nothing to do with these people again. What should I do? Given that I have been rejected at the PhD program, if I speak to any other professor, they might think I'm making this up. And I also can't believe that nobody knows about it and they have just kept exams, assignments, etc on a shared drive. I think they're ignoring the problem to not give the school a bad reputation and might just fail me if I speak up.