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Does the word "Plagi" have associations with contract-cheating?

We have just noticed the word “Plagi” trending in student submissions for final assignment. These assignments may be technical reports or computer code solutions, often contained with ZIP files. We ...
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How difficult is it to change supervisor during a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship?

A couple of months ago I started my Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship. My relationship with the supervisor is pretty bad, which is surprising to me as she was involved and seemed to respect ...
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Is there a flaw in the Elsevier green OA license?

I'm checking the Elsevier article sharing policies and I think there is a problem with their license of the accepted manuscript (post-review article). Indeed, the instructions say: Authors can share ...
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Has any researcher been sued for using Sci-Hub data in their research?

I read on Consequences of publishing work using text from millions of Sci-Hub articles: make no mistake: if you plan on doing something this blatantly illegal, and publishing a paper about it, then ...
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Is there a "blind" e-print service?

Motivated by questions such as Double blind review allowing arXiv submissions : is there a respectable e-print website (ideally Arxiv itself) that allows me to submit a "blind preprint", i.e....
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Google scholar doesn't send me citation alerts

Google Scholar fails to send me citation alerts or alerts when articles have been auto-included in my profile. This happened about a year ago; before that, Scholar faithfully sent me the updates. In ...
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Number of international doctoral students in the US: how to reconcile OECD data and SEVIS data?

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the US Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) apparently disagree on the number of international doctoral ...
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Seeking evidence based answers: does day of the week have an effect on exams?

This question is related to, but (I think) distinct from, the recently asked Best day of the week to hold an exam?. In that question, the author asks for the opinions of other instructors and ...
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Intellectual Property Rights When Moving University

I am considering moving institutions (from a one UK University to another), but I am concerned about what Intellectual Property (IP) rights my current institution may retain. Some of my PhD students, ...
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"On Hold" for 2 Months on arXiv

I submitted a Physics Education pre-print to arXiv more than two months ago. It has been "on hold" ever since. The pre-print has nothing controversial. It is simply a few simulations of ...
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google scholar switching my first and last name

Google scholar switches my first and last name although the journals publish my name correctly. And now due to people downloading citations from Google Scholar, other journals are also citing my first ...
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What is an example of a journal based in China which "warns authors that they are not affiliated with any paper-selling companies"?

Regarding the following quote: ... editors say an increasing number of journals based in China warn authors that they are not affiliated with any paper-selling companies. Mara Hvistendahl, China'...
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Are German university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) Bachelor degrees recognized in US UK NZ or Australia?

I'm a prospective student looking to apply for an electrical engineering course (in English) at Karlsrhuhe, Rhine-Waal and Ravensburg-Weingarten universities of applied sciences. After doing a little ...
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Will Chinese students applying for PhD in the U.S. be affected by the relationship between China and the U.S.?

I am Chinese, and I plan to apply for the 2022 Fall PhD in the U.S. I am confident with my research caliber and experience. However, I am worried about whether the terrible relationship between the U....
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A top German professor practises scientific misconduct according to his own institute's guidelines. What should be done about this?

There is a person who is a very big name in a certain field of a certain science subject. He is a professor at a top German university and also runs a research institution. He gets his postdocs and ...
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Is there a python wrapper covering multiple scholarly resources API endpoints?

Question: Does anybody know of a Python Wrapper containing a number of the mentioned APIs listed by MIT? Context: I want to execute a systematic literature review, and apply bibliometrics/ citation ...
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Is there a book equivalent to « Good work if you can get: How to succeed in academia » but for European / UK academia?

I found Jason Brennan’s book very useful when applying to my PhD and planning long term about my academic career. However I am doing my PhD in Europe and although I’d like to explore US academia at ...
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How would graduate studies in Japan differ from those in the US, specifically for mathematics?

I have decided to make an academic transition from Electrical and Electronics Engineering into Mathematics after graduation. Although my first degree is from an Asian country it is a well accredited ...
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Advancing my academic career in mathematics without university support

I am about eight months away from completing a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I am what you would call a "non-traditional" student - I am an adult who decided to change careers and I'm ...
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Withdrawing paper from competition track of a conference due to the fee?

A few months back, I came across a competition page which asked for a solution approach for a new and tricky dataset in the domain (I will keep all the details anonymous). Now, it was a new area of ...
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How to compare the quality of research group?

There are metrics on the quality of universities (e.g., rankings) and individual researchers (e.g., Google Scholar), but I found it harder to judge the performance and impact of individual research ...
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Should I list my work as a frequent journal reviewer as a volunteer work in LinkedIn?

I am a frequent reviewer for a particular (computer science) journal, and I wonder if the review work I do counts as a "volunteer" work? I do already list this work in my CV under (PROFESSIONAL ...
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Do EPSRC-like Centres for Doctoral Training exist outside the UK?

I'm looking into starting a doctorate next Autumn and am currently exploring my options. I really like the program style of EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training which started sprouting around British ...
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Green card sponsorship policies and timeline for tenure track faculty

I would like to find out about "industry standards" for when, and on what timeline, US universities will sponsor applications for permanent residency (aka green card) for new tenure-track ...
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"The tenure-track professor plans to carry out X publications." So, what could X be here?

I signed a contract for a 6-year tenure-track professorship in a European University a few weeks ago. Recently, I received an Agreement document between me and the University, whose main objective is ...
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PhD supervision numbers by discipline

My faculty imposes some numerical "recommendations" for promotions. Instead of arguing this sort of recommendation is ridiculous, I think it is wiser to provide some evidence the recommended ...
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Did any universities publish an official analysis on how successful remote learning has been during the pandemic?

Most universities around the world have now completed at least a year in remote-first mode due to the COVID pandemic. Some countries have been lucky enough to avoid/supress a major explosion of cases (...
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How to approach "potential benefits to society of proposed research" question on a grant application for a pure math project?

I have been writing a grant proposal, where it is based in the UK. I almost did most of the application, but I have no idea for the following parts: Benefits of Overseas Country: Describe any ...
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What national agency in Russia codifies research ethics?

I am coordinating the funding proposal for a joint Austrian–Russian research project. The proposal needs to briefly discuss compliance with relevant ethics regulations and guidelines, preferably not ...
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What to do if a postdoc I just started has practically no opportunities for self-directed research?

During the interview for a postdoc position, I was given the impression that there will be various opportunities to get involved in research other than the main job description of the postdoc, and ...
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Have US universities seen a significant increase in administrative workforces relative to academic activity?

I was recently made aware of a study (caveat: from 2014) indicating that, supposedly, US academic institutions have taken on non-academic staff at a much higher overall rate than the increase in the ...
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Research assistant in Germany. When is it possible to switch projects

I am a research assistant (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) in Germany in a BMBF funded project. I just got an offer to join a project that has a longer runtime than my current project and offers more ...
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How to gain global trust from researchers

I am investigating properties of some material. However it seems that all of the research is inconclusive and material modified the same way but by different teams have different properties. Because ...
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What is the purpose of asking whether a prospective grad student would attend the program in the absence of financial aid?

I need financial support to join a specific university. There is a question in the Master's application that says "Will you be willing to join the program even if you didn't receive financial aid? " ...
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What is the conventional way of presenting combinations of things in a table?

For a paper I am writing, I need to name several combinations of things (specifically, certain combinations of mathematical equations/inequalities that impose specific constraints on certain variables)...
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Professor submitted my letter of recommendation after I removed him

I had sent a reminder to the professor for submitting my letter of recommendation about two days before the deadline, but he didn't reply to me. He was highly unresponsive after initially agreeing. As ...
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About interviews for teaching positions in math during JMM

To what extent is attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) important when applying for teaching jobs in mathematics, including temporary lecturer positions and faculty roles at liberal arts ...
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Writing a six-year individual (group leader) research proposal (in machine learning)

I am planning to apply for a young research group leader grant. (Specifically: the DFG Emmy Noether program.) This is for a six-year funding period, including funding for myself as a group leader and ...
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How often can I apply for an inidividual Marie Curie fellowship?

It is not clear to me how many time one can apply for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. I was told that I can apply for such fundings only two times. Is that information true? I couldn't find any ...
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My scientific data was used by my colleague without my permission in a IEEE paper, is this misconduct?

I am a scientist currently working on a project where there are several other partners. My job was to work with raw data, do analysis, create attributes, and prepare AI model. My other collegue's job ...
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Is it common for professors in The Netherlands to change institutions as they go up the ranks, or to speed up the promotion process?

I have heard that it is common for Assistant Professors or Associate Professors in The Netherlands to apply for positions at other Dutch institutions to improve their chances of promotion. Is this ...
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How to proceed with a problem with a professor and class structure as a whole

I am a teaching assistant for an introductory summer term class. I have not previously been a TA for this specific course, but have worked within this department and typically teach an accelerated ...
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Seeking Android PDF to voice app that can skip citations

I like to use a PDF to voice app to read papers aloud on walks. I used to use Voice Dream for iOS ($25) but recently switched to Android. Voice Dream is only for iOS. Voice Dream had a very useful ...
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What is satisfactory progress for a postdoc?

I am a first-year postdoc in the field of material science, and this is a new experience for me. The most difficult question here is self-evaluation. For example, during this year I have prepared an ...
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Does Google Scholar only index the "main" version of a paper (and therefore miss terms)?

When I perform the search "ND27760" in GS, it does not find this paper from the NIH PMC free collection which cites that term in the text. Here is one possible explanation. If I search GS ...
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How to answer an academic job interview question about how I will contribute to growth and sustainability of school / academic unit?

I am going to attend an academic job interview. In the email arranging the appointment, the university asked me to prepare a 10-minute presentation outlining how I will contribute to growth and ...
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Does the license for arXiv uploads apply to TeX source or the PDF?

I am wondering to which of the content that I publish on arXiv the license I chose during publication applies. Let's assume that I uploaded just a single TeX-source file and filled out the form with ...
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Is it possible to participate in Physics research during a gap year?

I recently finished my Bachelor's in Physics, graduating this past May. I have always had grad school as a goal. Currently, I am looking to do a Master's program and then hopefully move on to a PhD ...
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Comprehensive document on the history of the university system

As an aspiring academic, I have been thinking a lot about why I want to be a university faculty, what my job is as a graduate student, and what role the academic community serves in the society-at-...
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IEEE submission vs ArXiv Version with missing IEEE-statement

I've just got and corrected my revised paper. I submitted the revision to IEEE and I uploaded a newer version to ArXiv. BUT I made a mistake and the IEEE-disclaimer statement was regretfully missing ...
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