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For questions on the process of writing. For questions on the content of writing, use [writing-style].

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What is the conventional way of presenting combinations of things in a table?

For a paper I am writing, I need to name several combinations of things (specifically, certain combinations of mathematical equations/inequalities that impose specific constraints on certain variables)...
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Rewriting the paper text: when does it make sense?

I have been working as a postdoc on a theoretical (computational neuroscience) paper as a first author. The funding was over at some point and I have moved to a new position in a different place. By ...
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General Guidline in making a index for a textbook

I am currently writing a textbook in some mathematical area and now I am at the point of creating an index of words. Are there some general rules in academia on this, like there are for citing ...
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Scientific writing: When conducting a simulation on a personal computer, what specifications should you report?

(Note: Personal Computer = Laptop) When reading papers that involves some sort of numerical simulation of a software or custom code, many authors would remark on the specifications of the laptop for ...
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ChatGPT-alike for local abundant PDFs

I have a lot of PDF files collected using such tools as Mendeley or Zotero (thousands of files). I want to use ChatGPT-like to ask questions based on these PDF files (for example: "What is the ...
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Acceptance rates of submitted papers by country

Is there any data source or statistic showing acceptance rate of submitted papers for publication by country?
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Experience with paid English grammar and style software for writing papers?

I'm looking to suggest to our institute to invest in a paid software for helping writing, along the lines of Grammarly Premium, Antidote 10 or something similar. Does anyone have any experience with ...
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Citing 2 nearly identical article names from the newspaper, APA 7th edition

I seem to be at an edge case. I have two websites to cite, NYT Report Card NCF and NYT Report Card YU They are both effectively from the same "article", drawing on data from This project ...
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Can I use tables to contain my figures in word, while submitting it as a manuscript?

Because it is difficult to make a figure description stick to the figure in word (slightest motion of figure within the document messes-up a lot of text, especially near the figure) I decided to ...
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Was my research topic poorly motivated? And how do I now turn it into a paper?

I finished my master’s program last year. The topic of my thesis was suggested to me by one of the PIs at the faculty, who then supervised my project. The question seemed perfectly reasonable at the ...
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Tone to use in describing your "research project"

This is an extension question for this What exactly is "briefly explain your master research project" in a PhD application? (CS field) Suppose I am writing a brief description for my ...
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Difference between 'Related work' and 'comparison methods' sections?

I have a method and I want to compare this with some existing ones. To my understanding, these existing methods can be regarded as 'Comparison methods'. But where should I briefly describe these ...
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Difference between proposing a research framework and research approach

I would like to get some concrete examples as to what is the difference between saying that I am presenting a research framework and a research approach. Take the field of robotics or any other ...
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Properly cite a document from the WHO assembly

I want to cite a document from this years WHO World Health Assembly. The document in question can be found by clicking on "Main Documents" on their page and then selecting the document with the title ...
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Methods section and location of materials

This is probably an irrelevant question but curious to know because I couldn't find answers. What city, state, or country should one use when listing reagents or materials in the methods section? ...
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How to reference self-collected corpus

In the writing of a research paper, I've collected a large quantity of public blog posts and ingested them into a LDA and a word2vec data model. When I'm using terms from within these models, how can ...
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Marking Modifications on a table

I took a table from a paper to show it in my thesis but have to modify the data in a cell (semantically) as well as adding new lines. is it ok to cross out old and replace with new? and refer to it in ...
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Writing a critical appraisal

My dissertation is cumulative, meaning that it basically consists of the following three sections: Introduction, Chapters, and Conclusions. The introduction gives an extended literature overview and ...
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Sub-Hypothesis Notation?

What is a standard way of notating sub-hypotheses? Should it be H1, H1b, H1c? I’m revising a paper for a French author, and she’s written them with bis and ter, as in: H1 (“cultural assimilation” ...
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What do I do if I cant find a proper basis for my methods of experimentation?

I am currently a senior high school student whose study is about producing homemade paper using coconut husks and testing for their certain properties. However, most studies that I have come across ...
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"Inaccurate Content in Literary Analysis"

I've received a couple of literary analyses that quotes dialogue and refers to events in the short story that literally doesn't occur. How does one evaluate such submissions?
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Question about making footnotes for material taken from a class handout that has original sources

This is my first time writing a paper that requires footnotes, and in the instructions the professor has stated he wants the exact reference when we use materials from one of his class handouts. An ...
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Conference paper collaboration problem, course of action

A while ago I presented at a conference where a recent PhD gave a presentation co-authored with his professor. The talk, which was about a topic similar to that of my own talk, was good. The presenter ...
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If I copy from any source do I also have to use inverted commas along with the source?

I am writing a report in which I have to define some terminology. If I copy from any source and paste it and mention the source will it be enough or do I also have to mark inverted commas along with ...
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My college laptop went kaput and I don't have any writing samples to include in my grad school application. Do you have suggestions?

Practically all programs require a writing sample from applicants. I'm preparing to apply by the end of 2022 but I'm stressed about this aspect of it since I have very few options. The hard drive in ...
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How to deal with large figures in draft of a paper

I am working on a draft of a paper and I have large figure that does not fit into 1 page. I can split the figure into two, but I wonder what is the appropriate way of doing it. Two ways that I ...
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How Should I Write a Scientific Write-up?

I am an undergraduate student in mathematics from India. I have been shortlisted in the written test of TIFR GS-2020 (a nationwide entrance), and for the second stage of selection, they are asking for ...
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How to get back to STEM phD thesis after a long break?

If one had to interrupt writing the phD-thesis (for various reasons, that don't belong here): What is a good strategy to get back and finish the thesis? The writing would take place while working on ...
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In a small dissertation text of 3 or 4 pages, is it possible to divide the text into sections and/or subchapters?

I'm going to do a public contest whose proof is a dissertation text. To better organize ideas and present them clearly, I intend to divide them into a few sections. However, if they reject the text ...
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How to Properly Reference Equation Steps from Source X in Your Work?

I want to avoid writing something like: However, calculating the variable X and solving this equation requires iteration using the Newton-Raphson method [22, p. 45][15, p. 152]: "equation" &...
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