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Questions about academic workshops, which are often smaller, more collaborative forms of an academic conference, or which take place as a session of a larger conference.

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Practical Aspects of Workshop Organization

I'm surprised I couldn't find any similar question. Please mark as duplicate if you know one. What are the practical aspects one should not overlook when organizing a (small) workshop? Organizing a ...
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How do I find new problems to work on while attending a workshop?

I am attending my first ever workshop next week, in Theoretical Computer Science. My goal is plain - discuss interesting ideas to find new problems to work on and collaborators to work with. My ...
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How to include workshops/hands-on sessions on CV?

I'm in my second year of PhD in the field of astronomy and have recently been invited to a scientific meeting with about 20 people to give a 1:30h workshop/hands-on session about a certain simulation ...
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What is one-session short presentation or lecture in CV?

In during the M.Sc., when complex networks course lectured by prof. in university, he said me that I will talk about complex networks and my B.Sc. thesis in one session for students. How to can I ...
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Am I allowed to provide the Camera Ready Copy (CRC) / Preprint of my paper published in Springer Workshop Proceedings online on my homepage?

my work was accepted as workshop paper and the conference was held some weeks ago. Until now, the paper is nowhere published. Last year, the Spriner Workshop Proceedings needed 6 months to publish it. ...
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How to run an effective academic workshop/seminar series?

I’m a new faculty member setting up a new seminar series in my small-ish department. Visiting speakers will come and present some of their work. The audience will ask questions during the talk and ...
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