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Questions about withdrawal of books or papers from journals and conferences or withdrawal during admissions process to academic programs. This tag is not about withdrawal from academic programs. Use the quitting tag for that.

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Withdrawing paper from competition track of a conference due to the fee?

A few months back, I came across a competition page which asked for a solution approach for a new and tricky dataset in the domain (I will keep all the details anonymous). Now, it was a new area of ...
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Required to withdraw due to student "not benefitting from further study" - is that ever used?

At an institution in my country, the undergraduate calendar has the following language: "Any student may be required to withdraw at any time if, in the opinion of the Faculty Council he is unlikely ...
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Potential Manuscript Withdrawal Due to Extended Review Timeline?

I submitted my research paper (which I conducted under a collaboration contract between multiple institutes) to a journal with an expected timeline of 48 days from initial submission to publication. ...
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Withdrawal from a PhD program and apply to another one: is PhD transcript submission mandatory?

I am about to withdraw from a PhD program and apply to another one, do you suggest to submit my transcripts if I have low grads or just mention my former program in my CV? Both are among the top 30 ...
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Validating Journals: by checking publishers or indexing database?

I have recently submitted a paper to a journal and in the website of that journal it say that indexed in SCOPUS and ESCI and etc. In the website of SCIMAGO the name of the journal is available. When I ...
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Should I withdraw from a graduate math class to make more time for a promising research project?

I am a junior graduating May 2021 with a double major in physics in math, and I will be applying to commutative algebra (math) graduate programs this upcoming fall. I was recently offered an ...
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I dropped out of my masters degree a year ago and am being threatened by my college that they will blacklist me

I took a masters a couple of years ago and dropped out because my supervisors weren't helpful, were demotivating (told me they could do my research in two months and asked why I hadn't finished mine), ...
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Are there a specific form when a co-author withdraws from a study?

There are 3 authors in a research paper. One of the co-authors wishes to withdraw from the study. Are there any forms that need to filled up? A form stating that the co-author has no say or hold or ...
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