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Questions tagged [withdraw]

Questions about withdrawal of books or papers from journals and conferences or withdrawal during admissions process to academic programs. This tag is not about withdrawal from academic programs. Use the quitting tag for that.

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2 answers

How can I withdraw a publication from a predatory (fake) journal and resubmit to a legitimate journal?

I have published a paper in a fake journal. I want to withdraw the paper from that journal. After successful withdrawal from the fake journal, can I can submit the same paper to a legitimate journal?...
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6 answers

Is it ethical to withdraw a paper after acceptance in order to resubmit to a better journal?

I think the title asks the question, but once again in more words: Suppose you submit a paper to a journal and it is accepted by the journal. By this I mean that the journal tells you that they have ...
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20 votes
4 answers

How do some Ws on transcripts affect PhD admissions in mathematics?

I am a senior who is graduating in December with a Bachelor's Degree in Pure math. I would really love to apply to the PhD program. However, I have been really depressed because even though I have a ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Do I need to wait for a journal to "consent" to paper withdrawal before submitting elsewhere?

I have a question about submission elsewhere and journal's "consent" of paper withdrawing. Recently I have withdrawn a paper of mine from a journal, which I want to submit elsewhere. Since I knew ...
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2 answers

Should I withdraw my paper because review is taking too long?

I submitted an article to a prestigious journal JCR Q1 about 20 months ago. It took more than 6 months for them to send the article for review. But it was worth it. The reviewers did a good job and ...
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2 answers

When editor does not respond to the request for withdrawal

I submitted a manuscript to a journal, but due to some issue with that I asked the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor to withdraw the manuscript from further consideration. Despite several emails, ...
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1 answer

Slow Response from Journal: Should I withdraw a paper?

I submitted a paper to an Elsevier journal in August and the status has been "with editor" ever since. I was concerned that it had not been sent for review for 4 months and I sent inquiries twice ...
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How to withdraw your paper from an open access journal where it has been accepted?

My paper got accepted in a mediocre open access journal. However later I found out that its publishing fees was too high. What would be the correct way of asking a withdrawal of your article from ...
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1 answer

What to do if predatory journal won't withdraw paper after acceptance? [duplicate]

Last year, I’ve started an independent research in hopes to be published one day. Fast forwarding a year (a couple of weeks ago in fact), I have finished my manuscript in which I was planning to ...
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How is it perceived to withdraw an application to graduate school?

I applied to a program that I had been striving for in my undergrad, at a top school, but I've since felt overwhelmed with the thought of going this year. I think I should have waited until I was ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Is it legal to withdraw a signed offer letter from grad school?

I am asking for my little cousin who is going to graduate school this year. He has just signed an offer letter with school A, but just yesterday he got a better one from school B (may know school A ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How do I withdraw a paper from a journal after it was accepted but before it was fully published?

On the advice of a senior colleague, I decided that I do not want to publish the paper anymore and with that journal. I wrote the editor several times; he has received the emails, but refuses to reply....
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Can I submit in a new journal after submission in a predatory journal who force to pay in order to withdraw?

After submission of my article, I realized that it was a predatory journal. I asked to withdraw my manuscript but they require to pay half of charges. What can I do? If I do not pay, can I submit in a ...
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2 answers

What to do when you have accidentally submitted an article to a predatory journal

I'm an inexperienced researcher and I made the stupid mistake of submitting my article to a predatory journal. I realised the journal was fake when they failed to provide the reviewers comments. I ...
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3 answers

Withdrawing conference paper (after acceptance) due to budget issue

I'm wondering if it is ethical to withdraw an accepted conference paper because the registration fees exceeded my budget? The fees were only announced after the paper submission deadline thus I didn'...
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19 votes
4 answers

One of the coauthors withdraws their authorship after submitting a paper

Is there a problem to change (reduce) list of authors of a paper after it has been submitted to a journal? I am one of the (ten) co-authors of this paper. After the review and changes we made in the ...
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Ramifications of withdrawing publication offer (question from student editor)?

I am the editor of a student-edited journal at a graduate school. We extended a publication offer to an author that has published with the journal in the past, and with whom I do not wish to burn any ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How valuable is being in an A+ rank CS conference with a short paper?

My paper is accepted in an A-rank conference in computer science as a short paper. I need to reduce it to 6-pages instead of 10-pages. All the reviewers said the paper has all the required elements to ...
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Is it ethically unsound to accept a graduate admission offer then later withdraw?

Note: Similar questions exist on ASE but those pertain to funded programs. I have been admitted to an outstanding MS program and waitlisted for admission to another outstanding MS program. Both are ...
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1 answer

Production team ignored me for over 30 days and went ahead to publish article (online, not yet in print) - what are my options?

Summary: My paper was accepted to a journal; I realized they missed a handful of edits (which do not alter the findings or conclusion) and emailed them right after to change these things. They ghosted ...
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6 votes
1 answer

When to assume the submitted paper has been withdrawn formally (Springer)?

We had submitted a manuscript in September 2016. Till now the paper remains with the editor showing status "With Editor". After several reminders, we could not get any reply from the journal side. ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What happens if a reviewer withdraws himself from peer review process?

I submitted my manuscript to one of the journal of frontiers groups, It has been 3 months now since the submission, in the first round of the peer review process, One reviewer gave me minor revision ...
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Should my withdrawals be included on my transcripts for graduate admissions?

When I first started college out of high school I attended a university for a few months before withdrawing. I received all W's on the transcript from that school. I am now about to graduate from a ...
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Withdrawing from course in a PhD Program (i.e. W on PhD Transcripts)

I'm already in a PhD program and, just one week after Add/Drop, both my teaching and research loads increased due to unforeseen circumstances. I have a course which would be helpful for my area exam, ...
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How do withdrawn courses in my transcripts affect my PhD admissions application?

I'm currently finishing up my masters degree and hoping to apply to quite a few good PhD programs. I've gotten perfect scores in all my classes thus far as a graduate student and as an undergraduate, ...
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About withdrawing manuscript

I submitted my short manuscript four months ago to a math journal. I sent a tracking email about the status of my paper and I was informed that the editor has a problem with finding appropriate ...
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