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Questions relating to websites. A website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more web pages.

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Is it possible to download HTML versions of articles available on publishers' websites?

I often see that articles on websites like IEEE Xplore and Springer have a HTML version directly in the page and a PDF version to download. I usually prefer reading the HTML version because it is ...
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Citing Closed Webpage That is Not Archived - The Only Source of Information?

I always save PDF copies of webpages I uses for references. Since writing an article I see that a cited webpage is no longer available and it has not been archived. The page in question was part of ...
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Does Adding Curriculum Vitae to Personal Webpage Breach Double-Blind Peer Review?

Recently, I nearly made a mistake: I was building my personal webpage, and I added a paper which we submitted to CVPR (a conference) in "publications", marking it as "submitted to CVPR&...
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How can I add an animation or video to a peer review report without using "unprofessional" sites like imgur or youtube?

I am writing a peer review and there is an animation I want to share along with it. I can't embed it in the PDF, so what other options do I have besides websites like imgur or youtube that lack ...
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Why don't math departments use Mathjobs for postgraduate admissions? [duplicate]

It is common practice for mathematics department hiring to use Mathjobs (especially in the US). This is very convenient for recommendation letter writers, as we can just upload one letter that the ...
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Is it too pretentious for an undergraduate student to have their own personal page?

I am an undergraduate student from Brazil. I am not a mathematician yet because I've never published an article. I am very close to starting my master's degree and would like to have a personal page ...
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Why do universities delete professor's personal web pages after they leave?

Professor's personal web pages hosted by their institution are crucial sources of information in two ways: to disseminate useful and practical but not publishable information (especially in systems ...
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Correct way to reference website with unknown authors

I am writing an essay as a university project and I would like to cite the following website: My problem is that this website has no author in the ...
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Displaying publication results in website [closed]

First time here. My background is in biomedical science, so I have no knowledge of coding whatsoever. Since I was tasked with building a website for my lab, I used WIX as my website builder. I based ...
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Embedded hyperlinks in a thesis or research paper

I am writing a master's thesis in engineering. It is quite literature-heavy, and I'm using Zotero with BibTeX to manage my references. For the most part, I use Zotero's browser extension to create ...
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Using URL Shorteners to Track Who Viewed My Application

Some URL shortening services allow users to see very basic information on who has clicked-through the link. If I remember right, it documents the visitor's web browser, computer's OS, exact date and ...
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How can I generate an elegant (academic) static CV web page?

A friend of mine has a personal website, including a CV laid out on a page of that site (i.e. not a downloadable PDF/ODT/DOC) document. I want to help them spruce up that page somewhat. Now, this ...
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Searching Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics by Number

The volumes in the Springer LNM series are usually referred to by number, and there are now thousands of them. However, I have not been able to find any way on the Springer website to go directly from ...
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Should I put some useful information for phd students on my academic website? [duplicate]

I plan to put on my website useful books and useful journals related to my area, websites covering postdoc opportunities, in other words, information that I think useful in our area especially for phd ...
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Is there a website that compares both Scopus and WoS (SCI/E)' ranks of a journal/publication altogether?

Something like Resurchify, but contains both Scopus and Web of Science, perhaps? I usually just browse separately on (for Scopus) and (for SCI/E / ...
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Suggestion for websites which list open PhD positions in Mathematics in France, UK, Netherlands, Denmark only

I am a student of an Asian country who completed the 2nd year of masters last year and I am applying for PhD positions in Pure Mathematics in Europe. I know about this scholarship database website ...
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Formatting APA Style Headings for HTML in Online Publications [closed]

I do not see any questions here about how to convert APA (or MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.) style into HTML (edit: styled with CSS) for online publication. Since HTML is perhaps the most accessible ...
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Can I use a researchgate article on my websites resource page?

I am involved with Vinpro's Gen-Z viticulture project and we are busy establishing a website to document our demo results and findings. I am just wondering if it is possible to use a researchgate ...
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Which software/website is used to make diagrams like these? These look really good and this seems to be the most popular style I see in publications [closed]

I see this style of diagrams in most good IEEE conference papers/journals and wish to know which software is used for these? They seem to be able to lighten parts of diagram, use multiple colours etc.
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Copyright permissions vs fair use to include an image from Amazon

Hopefully, this isn't too off-topic or repetitive. I'm writing my dissertation, and I am finishing up the last chapter discussing some of the experiments I did. In that chapter, I discuss a pump I ...
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Can the terms Alpha/Beta release be applied to an online course?

Alpha and Beta releases are stages in software release life cycle. Could these terms be used to denote the stages of ripeness of an online course? The background for this question is that I have ...
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Can I take questions from an academic textbook and publish them on my "question bank" website?

I have many books and worksheets for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) in India. I want to make a website that will serve as a question bank for students. I want to take questions from these books and ...
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How to get recognition (e.g. in Google Scholar) from all the citations to my website

If you search my website ( at Google Scholar, you get 400+ results. There are dozens of papers that mention my website because it shows valuable and concise data about thousands of ...
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Who should I talk to to request removing wrong information about me from website of my former PhD adviser?

I was a PhD candidate from September 2016 until May 2021 in an university in the US. After that I dropped my PhD studies and switched to master's degree and graduated this August. Now, it's a couple ...
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How do I cite the authors of a web page that is maintained by Google and other contributors (APA style)?

I have to cite a web page in my thesis and I am unsure how to do it. Unfortunately, I could not find anything helpful for my specific problem. The website is maintained by Google, but Google also ...
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Is viXra a good site for e-prints [duplicate] is a host site for e-prints similar to I wonder if ViXra is a good place for posting e-prints and how well it is known to the scientific communities.
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Which domain should I choose for my personal website? [closed]

I have decided to create an academic personal website, but I am unsure whether I should choose a .com or a .org domain. I have read that .com is mainly used by commercial organizations, whereas .org ...
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Will my creating and hosting a popular online educational website improve my odds of admission to grad school?

I created a website 2 years ago; it's a non profit educational website, it's mostly like udemy but a tiny version. It's all free because where I come from they're really a low income community so I ...
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Cautions while writing non-specialist/lay versions of scientific articles

I would like to write engaging summaries/discussions of research papers in my field for non-specialists. These summaries/discussions would be posted on my personal website. The original article, ...
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Can a professor force students to pay a subscription fee for a different site in order to take classes?

I have a friend whose has a professor who is forcing students to sign up for a website (that requires them to pay a monthly subscription fee) where they will be posting lectures, notes, assignments, ...
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Is following an online tutorial plagiarism?

This might be a silly question, I'm doing a primary education uni degree and my subject study is computing. For our assignment, we have to create a basic website from scratch using HTML. I'm ...
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What's the point of "CV available on request"?

A certain fraction of personal websites of researchers has a hint along the lines of "CV available on request." I always found that a bit odd. Are there any situations where a researcher ...
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Archival of deceased academics' websites

The sad news of Vaughan Jones have reminded me of a question I've been wanting to ask for a while. A significant part of knowledge is stored on personal websites of scientists: preprints, lecture ...
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Is there a site where I can look for potential collaborators on an academic project that I'm pursuing all by myself? [closed]

I'm working on an academic project, and after getting a few results by myself, I'm a bit stuck. Currently, I'm not affiliated to any university or company, and also since I switched from my PhD topic ...
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Database of top researchers by keyword [closed]

I am looking for a database/web-service that allows me to find the top researchers (e.g., by number of citations) in a specific field (e.g., by keywords such as nutrigenomics). I once used it but for ...
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Visualizing the list of all active academics for a given topic

For a long time I have been interested in visualizing the network of all active academics of a certain discipline worldwide (e.g. computer science, mathematics, or by a set of keywords). I imagine a ...
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Untrue negative comments on RateMyProfessor website

I pay close attention to how my rating scores/comments are like on the RateMyProfessor website. Very rarely I reported inappropriate comments (which violated site guidelines) for removals, and the ...
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Are there any (online) communities for independent researchers?

Perhaps a bit of background on myself is useful in this case. I've obtained a bachelor's and master's degree in pure mathematics and applied mathematics, respectively. Although I would like to do a ...
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Tips and good practices for creating a personal web-page [closed]

First, apologies if this question has been asked before. I could not find any reference. I am a math PhD student, about to finish my studies and start searching for a post-doc position. In ...
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Lab vs personal brand

I’m moving to a new university and setting up a lab. Unlike some US universities, the consensus is not to use your surname as the name of the lab but have a descriptive name (e.g., “this area” Lab). ...
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Citing and referencing same technology website about what one is writing, is it acceptable?

I've to write about security issues with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and I find the most relevant information are on Azure website, not in any journals. Can I cite specific web-pages when I'm ...
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Web service to subdivide projects among students [closed]

For a course I teach, I would like to assign projects to students, so that each student chooses a different project among a list of alternatives. It seems to me that one of the simplest ways to ...
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What are modern channels for clarifying student uncertainty online? [closed]

One of the primary tasks of professors is communication with their students. Communication typically involves lecturing, clarifying uncertainties, and receiving feedback. Lecturing happens at fixed ...
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How important is it to have a personal website, when applying for a PhD?

I have read several questions regarding the importance of a personal website when applying to Posdocs and other academic jobs. However, I have found little stating the importance of it when applying ...
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Separating your publications into journals vs. conference/workshop [closed]

It seems typical in some fields (e.g. engineering) for researchers to classify their publications on their websites and CVs into two groups: journal vs. conference/workshop. This appears to be because ...
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Are lay articles good enough to be the main source of information for PhD research?

Doing PhD in new field that does not have enough resources in it. Most of the information I find are articles written in websites such as I really feel awkward citing a website article, ...
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Citing multiple parts of one website APA

I'm writing a small research paper (University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor level) where I cite and reference some information from a company's website. I currently have the specific pages of the ...
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Is it unusual for a math department not to have a mail/web server?

I'm a PhD student in a math department at a research university in the US. When I started the program I was given an account on the department server with a website and a nice department email address....
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Create a website for adding supplementary material of a journal paper

I just got the reviews for the paper I submitted to IEEE TCSVT and one of the reviewers asked me to provide them with some supplementary results. I am planning the create a website for them so they ...
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What can I do with multi-subfigure figures on

As many of us are aware, is a popular site on which researchers showcase their publications. In addition to the PDF for a published work, the site interface allows you to upload PDFs ...
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