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Questions regarding the use of systems that can track the changes over time in code or documents.

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bioRxiv - Are previous versions still available to read after revisions?

When a revision of a manuscript is submitted to bioRxiv, is the previous version still available to be viewed? If so, is it possible to hide some of the previous versions?
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Can version control protect students against allegations of ChatGPT use?

There is a Guardian article about the dilemma when there has been possible use on generative AI to create student essays. It presents it as a hard problem for students to prove they really authored a ...
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Maintaining a Public Handbook: Collaborative editing, online viewing, plus good-quality PDF output?

This is a question for anyone who has had to maintain a set of guidelines or handbook which might be fairly long (book-length) with multiple sections. The ideal case would be a system where revisions ...
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Git repo in shared folder or multiple cloned repos in each researcher individual folder for collaborative data analysis? [closed]

We are four social scientists working on a dataset that is in a secure server accessible via remote desktop. We have a shared folder where we put our code and datasets: root -functions -data -...
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Exposing my writing in a public git repository after publication?

I use private git repositories to manage the code I use for projects. After I publish a paper, I like to make the code available by making the repository public. My field is Geography/GIScience, and ...
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Using a public GIT-Hub repository (that was a homework of my group) in my Bachelor thesis

I have a question concerning my special case. In my bachelor thesis, I must implement a CI (e.g. Jenkins) server and show its functionality based on a sample project. This work is handed to other ...
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Should I suggest to use version control for writing a paper with new collaborators?

I will soon write a new article with new collaborators (my first paper with other people, I'm in math). For some context, I know one of them well, but I've never met the others in person. I use Git ...
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Can version control systems, like Git, be used to establish priority date of a paper?

Are systems like Git robust enough so that if questions arises about a paper's priority, it would prove or substantiate a claim to have a VCS log?
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What tool or process can I use to see revisions on papers I am grading?

Like many professors, I ask for drafts of papers of more than a few pages (1500+ words). I provide comments focused on content. (I might make occasional corrections to grammar or word choice--...
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Private Git repositories for students, that don't become public later

Note: This question was asked before GitHub offered free private repositories. Short version of my question: Is there a good way to provide students with free, private, Github-like git repositories, ...
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GitLab Project or Group for version control of 2 subprojects in my thesis, which consists of code and the latex report?

If I need to version control my thesis, which contains my latex report and code, should I create a Group with two separate projects (code and latex) or should I create one repository called thesis ...
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Best practice in versioning / backing up work? [duplicate]

When I work on a paper I end up with folders paperXYZ, paperXYZ_R1, paperXYZ_R2, etc. Same thing happens with my code, project material, etc. This creates clattering and confusion. In addition, I need ...
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How to integrate partial version control, data exchange and research assistants?

Currently, my coauthors and I use GitHub to collaborate in coding and writing but also in data exchange. We have a lot of data, often not in text format (e.g. pdf). Most of this is collected by ...
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Advantages or disadvantages of using public repositories for paper writing?

What are pros and cons of using public version control system such as github for writing my papers and reports ? Is it good to store copies of papers/reports being submitted to conference/journals on ...
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Version control for research and teaching statements

Every time I apply for a job I write a new cover letter, research statement, and teaching statement. While each statement is personalized for the specific job, I tend to do a lot of cutting and ...
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How to handle multiple versions of a paper (e.g. conference and journal version)

A usual flow of a project (in my field) commonly looks like this: having a result -> (1) writing a paper (with all the proofs) -> (2) making a conference version -> (3) uploading a full version to ...
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Issue tracking when writing a paper

When writing papers (and even more - when revising after collaborators', or reviewers', remarks) it's hard to keep track what is done, what needs to be fixed, what cannot be fixed, when opinions of ...
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Is there an advantage of branching in version-controlled paper writing?

I use a version control system (formerly subversion, now git) to write papers, which for me works very well and is convenient. A few times, I even worked with branches for different logical versions ...
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Why use version control systems for writing a paper?

I am following the advice of @Piotr Migdal in Is there an internet Git-like repository for collaboration on a paper?, and I want to ask about version controls: how beneficial are they (specially under ...
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Is there an internet Git-like repository for collaboration on a paper?

I've just started using git for tracking changes in a LaTeX paper I'm writing, and for collaboration with co-authors. However, I cannot find easily private git repositories with reasonable plans for ...
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What tools make it easy to maintain (or avoid!) the N versions of your CV?

Academics need various forms of their CV, depending on what purpose it's being used for. In my case, here are reasons I've had to re-format or have a different version of my CV: promotion and tenure, ...
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Is it advisable to put entire source of my thesis up on GitHub?

I've been using git for a while and now GitHub. I'm starting to write a master's thesis. Would it be a good idea to upload all the files to online public repositories? Does anyone have any experience ...
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