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Is there a tool to order/pay for multiple papers at once?

I need to order/pay >100 papers that are not of open access. Is there a platform or a tool that I could use to order and pay them all at once, instead of having to do it one by one? Thank you
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Will it be a risk for my future research career in machine learning if I avoid learning and using Python?

I started my programming language journey with the C/C++ family of languages (i.e., D, Java, C#, etc.). In the machine learning field, the most popular tools are written in the Python programming ...
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Free alternative to kahoot live quizzes?

Is there any free (ideally open-source) alternative to Kahoot for making live quizzes? I used to like Kahoot for live classroom quizzes, but recently they've changed their pricing model to only allow ...
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How to retrieve total number of co-authors a researcher has published with?

I understand that Google Scholar offers this service, but it has limitations and does not offer the correct number of co-authors. Are there any other websites or tools to retrieve the total count of ...
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Co-author uses ChatGPT for academic writing - is it ethical?

I am writing a paper with a co-author. I spent a considerable amount of time (several months) writing a first draft of the paper. I then sent it to co-author asking them to revise the draft and add ...
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Interpretation and compliance with IEEE guidelines regarding the use of AI-generated text in research papers

I am in the process of submitting a research paper to an IEEE journal. While going through the submission guidelines, I came across the following instruction: The use of artificial intelligence (AI)–...
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Can I set up zotero to download arxiv vanity when I download a paper from arxiv?

When I add a paper from arXiv to my zotero, it will download the arxiv paper along with all the details. I was wondering if there is some way to get it to also download the corresponding arxiv vanity ...
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Using ChatGPT to paraphrase cited texts and personal texts for assignments

I study ATHE Level-4 Diploma in Computing, regulated by UK based Ofqual. Since March 2023, quillbot(a type of paraphrasing tool) kind of works slow on both my home network and college network. The two ...
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Program/Process for updating calculation results in manuscripts

When writing a manuscript, my current practice is to conduct whichever calculations needed in one specific program (e.g. Python or Matlab) then copy and paste the result of the calculation into the ...
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Should I preemptively confess after submitting work that was partially generated by ChatGPT?

A month ago I submitted a piece of coursework which still hasn't been marked. When I wrote it for some sections, I made notes with ChatGPT, which I was supposed to rewrite in my own words, but I ...
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Tool to distinguish the paper citation by type

I was always interested in whether there is any tool that allows you not only to count the citations of your paper (e.g. Google Scholar) but also distinguish the citations by their quality or by how ...
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Why Do Researchers Paraphrase Instead of Quoting, considering the pervasive usage of language models?

In open-source software development communities, if someone has already implemented a module well enough, we re-use it over and over again, in different projects. If there is any room for improvement, ...
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Giving instructions on how to use ChatGPT in academic homework

I am currently noticing that students are submitting essays where they have used ChatGPT to produce the text of their essay assignments. On some occasions, they have used it to correct the writing of ...
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I used ChatGPT to polish my essay, what are the consequences?

I used ChatGPT to polish my essay, now I’m freaking out. As above, in Feb I had to write a reflective piece about 1000 words for university. The essay was based on my real experiences and reflection. ...
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Can I improve a paper peer-review using ChatGPT?

Can I improve a paper peer-review using ChatGPT? The goal is not to generate content. This is to improve my review of a conference paper in terms of harmful content moderation (things that authors ...
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Seeking Android PDF to voice app that can skip citations

I like to use a PDF to voice app to read papers aloud on walks. I used to use Voice Dream for iOS ($25) but recently switched to Android. Voice Dream is only for iOS. Voice Dream had a very useful ...
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Using Grammarly in Article writing [closed]

I'm sure you have heard about or seen Grammarly app's ads. Do you recommend using it to proof read your articles before sending them for review?
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Are there examples of journals with an explicit policy on GPT-3 and equivalent language models?

In the question Is it OK to use GPT-3+ to rewrite your own paper to have better English? @gerrit mentions that: Check the rules of the journal. Chances are they allow automated spelling, grammar, and ...
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Is it OK to use GPT-3+ to rewrite your own paper to have better English?

As an example, someone who's not a native speaker of English might come up with the following paragraph (generated using a second-class translation service): Basic principle of gamification is ...
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How should a faculty deal with the problem of Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated texts?

For many years one of the main problems for academic essays and BA/MA/PhD theses was plagiarism. However with the recent advent of artificial intelligence (AI) that can write high quality texts (e.g. ...
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What standards exist for the naming and abreviation of colleges? [closed]

Background: Currently, I am trying to manually scrape the contents of a transfer map tool hosted on Arizona State University's website. I was pretty successful in deconstructing how the URL for the ...
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How do I cite a technical report in End Note?

I'm using End Note as a references manager for my thesis. I'm wondering how do I reference a technical report since End Note gives no option for it. It has books, articles, patents, etc. but no ...
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Is it OK to generate parts of a research paper using a large language model such as ChatGPT?

Large language models (LLMs) are complex neural networks that can capture and represent world knowledge present in the human-generated text as their weights. LLMs are trained on a large collection of ...
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Tools to easily navigate references in research papers

Often times while reading academic papers, I need to check the citations referred to in the text, and so I naturally end up scrolling to the last page of the paper, finding the appropriate citation, ...
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How to easily get metrics about a paper's internal referencing?

Is there a tool that can give me some data on the bibliography with regard to the paper it's attached to? I mean, something that can tell me which reference is referred to most often throughout the ...
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Comparing tools for plagiarism detection in writing

As a professor I’m planning to include more training about plagiarism in my courses to address some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings. What is your experience with such tools? My university ...
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What is the best way to get my test questions from a Word document into an online assessment tool?

Since the pandemic, my department has been encouraging faculty to shift their assessments online. I've been holding off because I've heard from others how laborious it is to enter my test questions ...
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What good email service alternatives are available for academics in China?

I am based in China and am desperate to find a good email service as a researcher. The university email has suspicious delays and is probably censored. I used to rely on Gmail, but Google is blocked ...
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Software for projecting the PC screen to an android/iphone without intermediate services

I'm giving a class next semester in a room with no preinstalled projector system and next to non-existent wifi accessibility (during the busy hours its not possible to connect to the router; let ...
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Is there any tool to make checking that referencing is correct easier?

Is there any tool to make checking that referencing is correct easier? I sometimes find that after I've written a lot of text I begin to question, whether it is possible that I've referenced wrong ...
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What tried and tested possibilities are there to create a poster without using LaTeX? [duplicate]

What tried and tested possibilities are there to set up a (nice) poster for a conference without using LaTeX? I find LaTeX always cumbersome for that purpose and I am curious about alternatives.
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Research team writing using different tools

I work on a research team of four people. However, different members use different tools and this makes working together more challenging. I'm wondering if there are any solutions to this problem (...
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I cannot find relevant information to use a tool for collecting data and the author isn't responding. What do I do? [closed]

I am conducting a survey to measure the impact of social distancing on family dynamics, for which I came across a tool that fits my study perfectly. However, I am not able to find information on the ...
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Do academic journals ever recommend software writing tools for scientific writing that suggest better paragraph construction?

I'm working on some edits to a paper under review with coauthors. Comments include advice that a better writing style be used and awkward wording be fixed. Coauthors are comfortable and expressive in ...
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How to export search results from Elsevier?

I am doing a systematic review and I am cataloging my searches. I've already exported the search results from IEEE, and from Springer, with one click to an CSV file. So I wonder how to do the same ...
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How to count non-self citations of articles?

In Google Scholar, I can view the number of citations of each article, but this includes self-citations. Is there a way to view the number of non-self citations? In this tweet from 2019, the author ...
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Do I need to reason why I use a particular technology in my research proposal?

I have started doing a research related to NoSQL databases for the master's degree and I have submitted the research proposal. Proposal evaluation results have been released and the examiner has added ...
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Timed text editor

Looking for a very specific tool. I want to give my students a link to a text editor. When they open that link, they see a question and instantly a countdown timer starts. Once the timer is over, ...
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How do academics in the Social Sciences use "mental maps" and why should college-bound students study them? [closed]

I teach secondary school Social Studies. As you may know, public school teachers must teach to state standards. My state's standards for Social Studies includes many references to the importance and ...
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How can I compare photos and PDFs submitted for an online math test to detect for plagiarism?

I have a group of 1000 students giving an online math test, and 10 teachers (each one evaluating 100 students). Some of the students sent photos and others sent PDF files for their submissions. I ...
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A citations generator needed

I am having a hard time creating citations for new literature. I get a new work (either electronic or printed) and I want to incorporate its citation to my library by means of a citation file (no ...'s user avatar
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2 answers

Tools for PDF presentations commenting that respect slides

For my problem-solving classes I prepare presentations which include a reminder on the theoretical parts, statements of the problems to be solved, some (partial) solutions, tips and so on. These ...
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Tool to generate feedback based on test results

My mom is a tutor and she was hoping for some software to help her speed up her grading process. Currently, she has her students take a test and she needs to generate something for the student with ...
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Alternatives to big-name proprietary remote-lecturing tools

As in many other universities, due to the coronavirus outbreak now we are supposed to do our teaching online in videoconference style. Our university suggests using either Microsoft Teams or Google ...
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Is there a way to get rid of "enhanced pdf"s?

It has become increasedly more common that when I try to access an article from the publisher's website I get redirected to a sort of online reader instead of a plain old pdf file to download. ...
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6 answers

Is Google Docs an appropriate tool to write a PhD thesis?

I am quite early in my PhD program, and am deciding on what tool to use to write my documentation, principally my thesis. My prefered tool would be markdown / latex, but my primary supervisor really ...
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Cheaper alternative citation managers for Mendeley [duplicate]

I am using Mendeley for paper and citation manager. Mendeley have 2 thing I need: index, searchable in all paper (title, author, content, ...) auto-lookup all information (title, author, conf, ...). ...
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Is it OK to change my research tools/methods completely after/at the end of my PhD?

In my Phd, I was using tools of stochastic geometry for my research. But I realize now that the juice has mostly been drawn of this tool at this stage and the new kid around the block is now Game ...
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Manage communication with students (as advisor)

I feel a little unproductive in managing students as their advisor. I have both undergrads and graduate students, and especially with undergrads, it's hard to make them respect scheduled updates. ...
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What tools do you use to manage writing co-authored papers? [duplicate]

What tools do you use to manage co-authored papers? This is similar to questions active 4 years ago and 5 years ago. I assume tech has changed since then. Co-authored projects I have been on have ...
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