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Questions tagged [tools]

Utilities, software or otherwise, used for a better academic life

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Seeking Android PDF to voice app that can skip citations

I like to use a PDF to voice app to read papers aloud on walks. I used to use Voice Dream for iOS ($25) but recently switched to Android. Voice Dream is only for iOS. Voice Dream had a very useful ...
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Can I set up zotero to download arxiv vanity when I download a paper from arxiv?

When I add a paper from arXiv to my zotero, it will download the arxiv paper along with all the details. I was wondering if there is some way to get it to also download the corresponding arxiv vanity ...
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In an international collaboration, what can be used for a shared meetings log or electronic labbook?

I started to have more and more international collaborations recently resulting in more and more (video conference) meetings. While in some meetings, there is one guys summing up the result of the ...
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How can I compare photos and PDFs submitted for an online math test to detect for plagiarism?

I have a group of 1000 students giving an online math test, and 10 teachers (each one evaluating 100 students). Some of the students sent photos and others sent PDF files for their submissions. I ...
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How to change the title of a paper without harming the citation counts

Sometimes, after I publish a working paper in arXiv or a refereed paper in a conference, I change the title of the paper. This can be due to several reasons: A reviewer in a journal I submitted to ...
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Chemical Engineering subject classification

Our department is working on revamping our curriculum and I thought it would be a good time to align ourselves with any internationally available subject classification schemes for Chemical ...
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Tool to generate feedback based on test results

My mom is a tutor and she was hoping for some software to help her speed up her grading process. Currently, she has her students take a test and she needs to generate something for the student with ...
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