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Questions tagged [tenure-track]

A job classification for faculty jobs, indicating that someone is eligible for a permanent position ("tenure") should he or she meet certain expectations by the time of the evaluation ("tenure review").

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Is it common for professors in The Netherlands to change institutions as they go up the ranks, or to speed up the promotion process?

I have heard that it is common for Assistant Professors or Associate Professors in The Netherlands to apply for positions at other Dutch institutions to improve their chances of promotion. Is this ...
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Trial (test) lecture as part of the interview process for a tenure-track position

I have been invited to give a trial lecture for a tenure track position in Norway. This is part of a hiring process that three top candidates have been shortlisted for the interview. The lecture ...
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How much is the scale of startup packages in the UK universities?

I've been offered a tenure-track position (organic chemistry) in Cornell University and I was able to negotiate a startup package of close to $1 million. I've just been invited for an interview for a ...
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Prepping for Tenure in Academic Medical Center

I'm an early-career assistant professor on the tenure track in a medical department at a school of medicine. My FTE is split 70% for research and 30% for clinical. The 70% FTE in research is soft ...
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Strategies for postdoc/tenure-track reference letter requests

Each individual seeking academic positions has to go through applications several times during each year they are applying. In Math the average might be around a hundred positions and this process is ...
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Can I still decline an accepted counter offer before signing a contract?

I am currently in a tenure-track assistant professor (AP) position. About one month ago, I got an AP position offer from a better ranked university, with a good startup package. When I informed my ...
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What is the average age of first tenure track positions in the Physics in the US?

On average, in physics departments in the US, at what age do people get their first tenure track positions? What about associate professor and full professor? Update: Several commenters have asked ...
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How is a tenure-track appointment in Sweden?

I have been offered a tenure-track position in Sweden starting this September. I am very excited. Due to both cultural and working system differences, many things are unclear to me. I do not want to ...
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How can I find the number of applicants per tenure-track position in Canada?

There are some anecdotal accounts of number of applicants per tenure-track position in the U.S., but I haven't been able to find anything for Canada. Kinds of information that would be helpful: ...
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Engineering Ph.D. from another country searching TT position in US

I had my complete education up to Ph.D. in Engineering in a country on the other side of the planet. However, I did a postdoc at a tier 1 US university for two years and then went back to my country, ...
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Can I apply for an NSF grant to create a new course, and how to create a budget for it?

I just started a tenure-track assistant professor position at a historically black university (School of Architecture). I would like to create a new course from scratch, the course is offered at many ...
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Resigning from tenure-track position after sabbatical for industry -- how little research can I do before I leave?

I'm on tenure-track and going to go on sabbatical in the fall for one semester. When I return from my sabbatical, I plan on giving a year's notice and switching to teaching part-time while I take over ...
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Does enrollment affect tenure?

In a recent conversation with tenured CS professors, they mentioned that grad student enrollment (in their experience) tends to follow the inverse of the economy. When the economy is doing well, grad ...
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Should I send letters of recommendation for a faculty job application that doesn't require them?

I am applying to a faculty position. The application announcement says they require a cover letter, CV, research statement, and teaching statement, but does not mention letters of recommendation. ...
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How a tenure-track candidate should/may answer the question "How do you view your role in the faculty development process?"

Faculty members (often!) gradually develop from inexperienced rookies to experienced scholars. In my view, the impact of a faculty member on the development of other faculty members is practically ...
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References for a tenure track position

I am going to apply for a position as assistant professor (anthropology) and I have a question regarding the references I have to present. Should they all be from professors? One of my references is a ...
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