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Questions tagged [teaching-assistant]

Questions concerning the use of graduate students as course instructors, usually under the supervision of a faculty member.

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What should I do when a student complains about the marking in this situation? [duplicate]

When I was a marker, a student came to meet me to complain that I did wrong in the assignment marking but he didn't bring his assignment. I assumed that what he claimed was true and apologized. Then ...
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Offered TA position two months before, head assitant no longer responds

At the beginning of the last semester, I responded to a TA offer which was online, met with the head assistant of the course, meeting was positive, and I did all the needed talks and paperworks with ...
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How is it common that universities provide assistantship positions for their graduate students? [closed]

Do a lot of graduate programs provide assistantships to their students (e.g. teaching or research assistantships)? How common is it for graduate students to be paid while going to graduate school?
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Feasibility and Legality of Simultaneously Being a TA and RA During a PhD Program in Different Countries

I am currently exploring the possibility of undertaking a PhD and have a query regarding the roles of Teaching Assistant (TA) and Research Assistant (RA). I am particularly interested in understanding ...
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how to deal with difficult students who do not reply to teacher's email?

I hope all is well, I find myself in a situation where one student keeps a grim face when I teach. It seems he is not happy with the way I deliver the material. This makes me feel uncomfortable and it ...
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