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Questions concerning the use of graduate students as course instructors, usually under the supervision of a faculty member.

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How to proceed with a problem with a professor and class structure as a whole

I am a teaching assistant for an introductory summer term class. I have not previously been a TA for this specific course, but have worked within this department and typically teach an accelerated ...
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TAing for two young hotshot postdocs (possible "in" for future research)? or TAing a lab with more student engagement?

Incoming theoretical physics PhD student in the US. I hope to get into academia after my PhD. When listing TA preferences, would it behoove my career goal more to list as my top preference a course ...
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Does TA application usually have training and interview?

First I thought every university would interview and train their TAs somehow. But I just get to know that my university doesn't have that, at least for marker and lab tutor. Is it the way the most ...
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Do research/teaching assistantships count toward financial requirements of visa applications?

This answer says most PhD students in US universities are funded through research or teaching assistantships. So research or teaching assistantships count toward any financial requirements in terms ...
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What is the hourly pay for TA/RA at good math PhD programs in the U.S.?

I'm interested in the first tier (the top six programs e.g. MIT and UCB) and the second tier (the next ten programs e.g. Columbia and Caltech) math PhD programs in the U.S. According to the link, MIT'...
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