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Questions relating to academic supervision, which is broadly defined as the supervisory relationship between advisors and their students.

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Canada PhD : Can you give me some advice on co-supervision issues?

I am posting this on a throwaway account. I am 2.5 years into my PhD in Canada and to keep the long story short, my main supervisor proposed me a research discipline that he never worked on before. ( ...
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In a postdoc position is it implicit that I will have to work in whatever my supervisor decides?

I have conducted my PhD in Austria on a very hyped field in the international community. During my work I have been able to start an international collaboration and publish some relevant papers. In ...
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Who is the PhD student to their supervisor?

I do not fully understand which interest a supervisor has in their student's work. Is the Ph.D. student somebody who the supervisor should teach, a colleague, an employee, or an independent researcher ...
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How much technical / debugging help should I expect my advisor to provide?

My supervisor said to me that a supervisor isn't expected to help a student with such problems as errors in statistical packages (R, etc). I suppose it refers to all sort of data managing questions. I ...
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Can the translation of a research paper be appropriate for final year research project?

In my final year research project, my supervisor sent me a random research paper of 20 pages and told me to translate it to my native language, using all of the commonly known translation techniques. ...
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How to withdraw/revise work published by students without advisor's knowing

Some students are so eager to publish something that they do so without their supervisor (advisor) knowing. They publish work that was supervised by the supervisor with the supervisor's name on but ...
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How do I change my PhD stipend from a private to a public one whilst keeping the same research project and owning the IP? (v2)

I'm 1 year into my PhD and don't want to be involved with the private cooperative research centre (CRC) who is funding my PhD anymore. How do I change my stipend from a private to a public one whilst ...
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Found mistake in analyzing experimental data after submitting PhD thesis; what should I do?

While flipping through my thesis to look up details in writing a postdoc application, I realized that I messed up my reaction rate quantification of one protein covalently bonding with another on a ...
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I'd like to conduct a personal research project as a master's student. What progress should I make before bringing it to a professor?

Last semester in my master's program, I came up with an algorithm that I thought was an interesting improvement on another algorithm we learned in class. I brought it to my professor, but he never ...
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Conflict about my authorship with former supervisor [duplicate]

For four years I worked in the laboratory of my former supervisor. For unknown reasons, she always mistreated me - I had the smallest salary in the laboratory (and when I once asked her why, she cut ...
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How do I communicate to my advisor that I would like to do more theory?

I am a PhD student working at the intersection of applied mathematics and machine learning. I'm still early in my PhD, but I'm unhappy because my current research direction is too focused on ...
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Are my expectations unprofessional about my graduate advisor?

I am in my first year of MSc program and I have some concerns and I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether these expectations are unreasonable. Before I start my work with my advisor, we ...
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Prospective supervisor not responding email before an important deadline [duplicate]

I have applied to a PhD place in Canada and I have a prospective supervisor already. He has been showing interests in supervising me and my project. There is a major funding deadline next Monday and I ...
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Publishing master's thesis

I would like to write a peer-reviewed publication from my master's thesis (in mathematics). I don't know how to ask my supervisor, and actually, I don't know what to ask. He suggested the initial ...
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What do PhD supervisors think when their senior graduate student makes mistakes? [duplicate]

If a senior math PhD student makes mistakes or gives a wrong mathematical argument that illustrates some misconception in the understanding of the concept, do the PhD supervisors think less of him? ...
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Different field of interest in my undergraduate projects and higher studies

I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering. I have done projects on different topics. I have done a project on the performance evaluation of jet engines with different ...
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Was I too rude in reminding my supervisor to submit my reference letter?

I asked my MA supervisor for a reference in early November to apply to an English PhD program at the same institution with her continuing as my supervisor. She agreed. In the subsequent months, we ...
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Is it common that a supervisor doesn't even read their students code?

My friend is very frustrated, he realized recently that his supervisor never read the code he was working on for the last year for his PhD. As he described the situation, his supervisor doesn't seem ...
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How to spot abusive/incompetent supervisors in advance

I would wish to have some summary advice for the specific scenario of looking for a new postdoc position and trying to avoid ending up with a terrible supervisor. Let me narrow this question down by ...
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Asking Advisor to Augment Stipend to a Livable Wage

The company I work for is funding a project led by a professor at an engineering department in a US university. I was recently accepted by the university and they offered me a departmental fellowship ...
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Do I deserve to be acknowledged as the primary contributor to a publication derived from my student's thesis?

Unlike the supervision style in my department (CS), I put an enormous effort into supervising my master's students. I meet with each of them twice a week and spend around two hours each week ...
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The name on my article doesn't match my national ID name, and it has already gone into production [duplicate]

I have submitted an article to the International Journal of Surgery, and it has gone into production. Just as I was signing the licensing agreement, it caught my eye that the name I had put in as the ...
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What was wrong in my reply that my research guide changed his mind?

During my masters I spoke with my research guide and he seemed to be interested in taking me as a PhD student afterwards. I joined a job and want to start my PhD after a year. My research guide mailed ...
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Recommendation for getting into a different field in Computer Science as first year CS master

I am currently co-supervised by 2 profs and my Master's thesis would be on the intersection of both their work: along the lines of compiler, programming languages and machine learning. However, I'm ...
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How to shape your PhD under an incompetent supervisor?

I joined a PhD program in Germany 6 months ago. I have two supervisors here - one is a clinician and the other is from natural sciences background. I am really unhappy with the way I am being guided ...
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Difficulty in pinpointing potential PhD supervisor's current interest from their publications

I want to pursue a PhD in experimental particle physics and am looking for a supervisor. I know that the first advice to students like me is to go through the professor's most recent paper. However, ...
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What are my responsibilities as a PhD student (among other questions on the "big picture")?

Background: I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at a Canadian university that ranked 100 ish in the world (so that hopefully means we do a decent amount of research not just teaching). I'm fully funded (...
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Unresponsive/unhelpful supervisor with publication

I'm a recent master's graduate and I've been working on a journal article based on my master's thesis findings. I have never published before so I am entirely new to the process. My supervisor has ...
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Change institution and country of PhD, after year 1, how to present this to a prospective supervisor?

I am in the start of my second year of PhD studies. I have identified a gap in the literature, a research question and half way thorough my research proposal. Unfortunately, the rising costs of living,...
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Two professors agreed to be my supervisor

I did my research for masters degree under an aged professor. He was a very good guide. From a Ph. D. research student under the same professor, I came to know that my guide has only 2-3 years left ...
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PhD supervisor doesn't care about what I can bring from my field

I'm finishing my first year as a PhD in a STEM field (say field A), although my main field is B. I have two supervisors (say S1 and S2, both very well-known). I usually work with S2 (younger, less ...
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Death of PhD Supervisor in first year of Research - Going Forward? Transfer PhD program?

I am in a very rough situation. Non-US PhD program. I already have a research MS from US. I came back to grad school a good time after my MS (I worked in industry and Academia in between for around 5+ ...
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(Mathematics) How to ask professors about their work when you only have a vague understanding of their subject area?

I recently graduated from a Masters in mathematical physics. During my time I especially enjoyed pure maths courses and picked as many as I could. Since graduating I have been exploring my options and ...
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What is your advice on reaching out to an external mentor to judge a research idea I am working on?

I am working on a research idea and my advisor is not helping much, he is leaving me on my own. I thought a conversation with someone knowledgeable in the field would be good or even a collaboration. ...
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Should I follow my own direction for my PhD research?

I’ve had a very hard time dealing with supervisor(s) in the last 2 years of my PhD. This is my third year and with the help of a postdoc I finally formulated a more generic scientific goal for my Ph.D....
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I have already used up all my hours with my supervisor, but I need feedback. Do I have the right to ask for more hours?

I am doing my dissertation for the second time now, as I failed the first time. I have sadly used up all my hours with my supervisor and will not get any feedback. So there are no meetings anymore and ...
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How to avoid over-reading papers and overthinking?

I'm in the middle of my PhD and I am currently struggling in finding "unexplored" areas of research. Despite having one main research topic and other minor projects, I feel like these are ...
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Can an associate professor be a postdoc supervisor

I am a young researcher searching for a postdoctoral studies. I found a researcher that works in a field similar to mine and I have in mind a project for postdoctoral studies supervised by her. ...
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Is there an independent and fair organisation for investigating and documenting discrimination and power abuse in academia?

Instances of discrimination and/or bullying are common in academia. Here are some examples from BzH, Elephant in the, Science, Nature, Guardian, and Guardian again. Is there any place where ...
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Is my PhD supervisor contributing too much to my project?

I am a PhD student in pure math, now in my second year. I understand that different PhD supervisors have different levels of involvement with their students' projects, and I very much appreciate how ...
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Part time research assistant - post bacc?

I would like to know if I can be a research assistant, part time, after college. I'm thinking about getting into academia, but I want to work first and make some money. I'm in STEM, but want some ...
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How to present research ideas to professor

I am a college freshman interested in doing neuroscientific research. After asking a professor for a collaboration, I've been told to email him my idea for a research project for him to look over. How ...
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PhD advisor select journal based on impact factor

I'm doing my PhD in chemistry. My advisor Prof X keeps submitting my first manuscript to journals with high impact factors. After a journal with IF = 15 rejected the work, X submitted it to one with ...
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What is meant by "representative of a University" in French universities?

I am planning to visit a British laboratory. They asked me to sign a form by the representative of my home university. I do not understand who this representative is supposed to be: our director or ...
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How to avoid disappointing a professor interested in supervising me?

I am a PhD student in the social sciences and I already have a first advisor. A few years ago, eyeing the possibility of a PhD, I had informally asked a professor of mine if she would be possibly ...
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Best Practices : Having your PhD Supervisor as your co-author?

I am in the process of writing a paper. I have done the data collection, and am in the process of analysis. But somehow my supervisor does not show much interest in my work or my research topic (i am ...
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How to deal with two bosses in academia?

I got a new position recently as a deputy lead of a research group (this position is at a level comparable to assistant/associate professor in my country) at a famous institute. This means that the ...
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What can grad chairs/departments do to help senior PhD students under a toxic advisor?

My advisor has become increasingly toxic since the beginning of the pandemic. He makes belittling comments about my competence over small things like typos, shuts down my ideas as "bullshit" ...
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Asking professor if I can be be external supervisor of master thesis

I am a scientist at a pretty reputable institution. I have some simple research ideas that I do not have time to develop myself. From my past career, I am in good contact with some university ...
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How much overlap with my research topic does a potential PhD supervisor need?

As a history student, my research proposal is about a comparative research of xx in country A and B. Does the potential supervisor need to be interested in both A and B? Or either of them is fine?
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