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Questions relating to academic supervision, which is broadly defined as the supervisory relationship between advisors and their students.

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How to ask for feedback from research students on my supervision abilities?

As the lone experimentalist in my group, I end up supervising most of the students (M.S., B.S. and high school) who do experimentation-focused research in my lab. I am always trying to improve my ...
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Can someone change PhD supervisor without changing research direction?

Background: My supervisor wants to quit my supervision due to reasons beyond his control. He suggested few colleagues to replace him. My only concern is that I be asked to switch my current research ...
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How should I take a potential PhD supervisor's age into account, when planning to follow PhD with habilitation?

I plan to apply for PhD in Finance/Statistics next semester, and hence searched for potential supervisors. An issue I have is that many interesting candidates are above age 60, and in Germany ...
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PhD: what happens if I quit?

Here's my story. I moved from my home country to the UK in October to start a PhD in the UK with lots of excitement and positive expectations. However, what I discovered once I started was that the ...
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Is there a conflict of interest when the supervisor and co-supervisor are husband and wife?

I have been co-supervised by my primary supervisor's wife. Suffice to say that this has been problematic where both have different research interests. Each asks me to do different jobs and they often ...
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Should academics allow student to submit a possibly flawed paper?

I let a student associated with me (but who is not really my PhD student) submit a paper to a fairly-local meeting (some people do come from abroad). Because I'd been tasked with supporting the ...
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My supervisor spells my name incorrectly

I've discovered that every time my supervisor has cited any of the papers or technical documents I've written she/he would: spell my name incorrectly or forget to add my name spell the article/...
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Is it acceptable to require a student to use the supervisor's preferred software/tools?

I'm about to supervise my first bachelor student and I'm not quite sure what is acceptable and what is not. The thesis will contain math formulas, illustrations, images, graphs and tables - like any ...
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What to do when a PhD supervisor is not collaborating on publications after the PhD from it?

If someone's (SO) PhD supervisor is not collaborating on publications from SO's PhD. The problem arose as SO raised his mistrust (for the supervisor) on other academic issues. The supervisor treats ...
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Shrink the paper or pay for extra page charges?

A PhD student has started his research about two year ago by research scholarship from university. His supervisor won a huge grant on a topic very close to his research project couple of months ...
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What is the minimum one should expect from the day-to-day supervisor?

What minimal responsibilities can a student expect from their day-to-day supervisor? In my institute, we usually have the head of the institute as the formal supervisor, followed by another day-to-...
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What is the principal investigator’s responsibility regarding data authenticity?

Every now and then, you hear stories of data being fabricated by a graduate student (or post-doc) who felt the pressure to publish groundbreaking results was too much. This unethical behavior makes me ...
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